How much is a 7 day MegaRider Stagecoach?

Buy your MegaRider for seven days travel price £16.50. That’s travel for the equivalent of £2.36 per day ! Where can I buy my MegaRider? You can get a MegaRider now on the Stagecoach Bus App, online or on board the bus.

How much does Stagecoach cost UK?

How much does it cost to attend Stagecoach? The cost per term for Early Stages is £168 and for Main Stages it is £336. Broken down, this works out at approximately £9 an hour. When you first join all we ask is that initially you pay a deposit (£25 for Early Stages and £50 for Main Stages).

Can I use MegaRider on Arriva buses?

You can use your StagecoachSmart megarider plus+ on Arriva services in the same way you would use your old paper ticket. However, you must activate your card on a Stagecoach bus by placing your card on the reader after you buy or top up your smart card online.

What is a DayRider ticket?

DayRider for unlimited all day travel A ticket that gives you unlimited travel on the day you buy it. You may buy one at the following times depending on which zone you are in.

How much does a bus cost?

New buses can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $290,000, depending on the type. Most schools need to apply for financing and grants to cover their fleet renewal costs. The added investment can be worth the price with lower initial maintenance costs and longer service life out of every vehicle.

Are Stagecoach a good employer?

Stagecoach was a great place to work as everyday was different. Salary is competitive and good for the local area. Management was not the best experience personally.

Is Arriva a stagecoach?

Stagecoach mulls a takeover of the UK’s largest bus operator Arriva after it goes up for sale. Stagecoach is considering a bid for some or all of rival Arriva, the UK’s largest bus operator. Arriva, which operates more than 5,000 buses in Britain, also has divisions across Europe.

How much is an all day bus pass?

Bus Fares

FARES Adult Fare **Discounted Fare
Local PT Service (one ride) $2.00 $1.00
Local PT Service – All Day Pass $5 $2.50
Local PT Service – 30 Day Pass Available on Passage Transit Ticketing $62 N/A
Local PT Service – Monthly Pass Available on ORCA $62 N/A

Can I use day rider on any bus?

With a day ticket you can make as many journeys as you like in one day. They offer better value than buying singles or returns, as you can travel on all buses within your chosen ticket zone.

How much is a TAP card for a month?

The TAP CARD is a ‘credit card sized’ plastic card that you can use over and over throughout your visit. To use it, simply ‘add fare to it’ by buying fare ($1.75 for each single-ride you wish to make, $7 for each ‘day pass’ you want, $25 for each ‘weekly pass’. or $100 for each ‘monthly pass’).