How much HP does a B16A have?

A highly inefficient engine won’t make very horsepower or torque. While Honda’s B16 makes a pretty small amount of torque, it revs very high and is designed to rev that high. The result is a peak of 187 horsepower from just 1.6L!

How much torque does a B16A have?

B16A now generates 170ps at 7800rpm and a max torque of 16.0kgm at 7300rpm. Red-line has been increased from 8000rpm to 8200rpm. However, the 2G B16As no longer come with oil-coolers while for the EG Civic/CRX, the radiators and the brake master vacumn pump are also smaller.

Does a B16A have VTEC?

B16A (First Generation) Featuring a compression ratio of 10.2:1 and VTEC engagement from 5,500rpm, a redline of 8,000rpm, and an 8,200rpm rev-limiter, this first-generation powerplant was a revolutionary gamechanger at the time.

What Honda has a B16A engine?

The B16A was first found in the 1989–1993 Japanese-spec Honda Integra RSi and XSi vehicles. It was also placed in the 1989–1991 Japanese-spec Honda CRX SiR and Honda Civic SiR/SiRII.

How much HP can a B18C handle?

B18 internals can handle 300 hp when well tuned. you can run 12lbs, but get it tuned properly. u should reach 275 with 10 or so psi with that turbo.

How much HP can a b18c handle?

How much HP does a B20 VTEC have?

With the engine firmly in place, the 11.8:1 B20-VTEC produces 227 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque. Not too shabby for a one-man, garage-built project. “Three years later, and a lot of man-hours in my garage, produced the car you see now.

Is K20 better than K24?

For most street applications, the K20 provides more than enough power to push a lightweight Honda around. For those who want more low-end torque and more over-all power, the K24 is the better choice if you’re willing to pay for it.

What are specifications of Honda B16A Sir 2 Gen?

B16A SiR 2 gen. is the Japanese version of B16A SiR. Here new pistons were used (compression ratio 10.4) along with a less dynamic intake camshaft, and throttle body size 60 mm. Specifications of camshafts B16A SiR 2 gen are the following: duration (at .050″ or 1 mm lift) 240/227 deg, lift 10.7/9.4 mm.

What kind of engine does a Honda B16 have?

Honda B16 engine belongs to the Honda B series engines, which also includes B17, B18 and B20 engines. A more detailed description of the engine and all of its versions can be found below. Production of B16A and B16B continued until 2000, and during this time, engineers managed to make numerous modifications, the difference is shown below.

What are the specs of a Honda Civic B16A?

Here are cam specs of SiR B16A: duration (at .050″ or 1 mm lift) 230/227 deg, lift 10.6/9.4 mm. The power was 160 HP @ 7,600 rpm, torque was 150 Nm @ 7,000 rpm, and the redline was at 8,000 rpm. This engine was installed in Honda Civic SiR, CRX SiR and Integra.

How tall is the cylinder block on a Honda B16?

The distinction between them was the cylinder block deck height. The one used for B16 and B17 engines (except for B16B) has a deck height of 203.9mm while the short block used for B16B, B18 and B20 engines has a deck height of 212mm. The Honda B16 has appeared in six different forms over the years.