How much horsepower does a 2011 Yamaha R1 have?

182 hp
The 2011 YZF-R1 is powered by a 998cc, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4 engine developing 182 hp at 12500 rpm and 115.5 Nm (85 lb. ft.) of torque at 10,000 rpm, and delivering a fuel consumption of 40mpg (5.88 l/100km). The engine features forged aluminum pistons that take maximum advantage of the power characteristics.

What year did the R1 go fuel Injected?

A new fuel injection system was introduced for the 2002 year, which worked like a carburetor by employing a CV carburetor slide controlled by vacuum created by the engine. With a similar power output to the 2000-2001 bike, the engine remained largely the same.

How fast is a 2011 Yamaha R1?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 85 ft-lb
Top speed 182 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 10.38 secs
Tank range 160 miles

How to get Diag on a Yamaha R1?

Turn off the ignition, put the stop engine button in the ON position. Disconnect the fuel pump connector. Press the SELECT + RESET buttons on the dashboard at the same time and do not release. Turn on the ignition (we still hold the buttons) and wait ~ 8 seconds until “dIAG” appears on the dashboard.

Why was there a recall on the Yamaha R1?

A recall is a manufacturer’s way of saying “ listen everyone, we screwed up on something we sold you, and while there is only a tiny chance of it actually affecting you, we want to make sure there is no chance of that happening…so we’re going to make it right.

How to turn off the stop engine on a Yamaha R1?

Release the buttons, use the SELECT button to select “dIAG” (for the case if another text appears on the dashboard). After dIAG is displayed on the screen, press both buttons on the dashboard (SELECT + RESET) for ~ 2 seconds. After the diagnostic mode (d01) is displayed on the dashboard, turn off the stop engine button.

How long does it take to repair a Yamaha R1?

The procedure involves removing the engine from the bike, splitting open the engine cases, and completely removing and reinstalling a whole new gearbox – a job that Yamaha estimates will take at least 16 hours of labor, plus around $500 in parts. The parts kit Yamaha is providing for the repairs.