How much does it cost to make a Kylie lip kit?

When it’s all said and done, ColourPop’s liquid lipstick and lip liner will cost you a total of $16.32, and Kylie’s Lip Kit is a total of $40.13. Stephanie does credit Kylie’s Lip Kits as one of the best liquid lipsticks because of their long-lasting formula, but admits that the cost is the problem.

What is Kylie Jenner lip kit?

It has been almost one year since the first iterations of the line’s flagship product, Kylie’s Lip Kits—pairs of matte liquid lipstick and lip liner in nude, pink, and brown that retail for $29—sold out within minutes after going on sale at

Is the Kylie lip kit worth it?

The Results: Soft, bold color Applying both the lipstick and lip pencil to my lips, the products applied really well. The lipstick went on smoothly, and the lip liner was creamy enough that it didn’t tug at my lips like drier pencils tend to do, which I was happy about. Both products dried quickly and felt comfortable.

Who owns Kylie cosmetics now?

Kylie Cosmetics/Parent organizations

Why are Kylie lip kits so popular?

They are high-end products, so they sell for prices that are higher than what you would find at a drug store but, compared to other similar high-end lipsticks, their cost really isn’t bad. Each of Kylie’s lip kits comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a liner and cost $29.00 on the official Kylie Cosmetics website.

Are Kylie Cosmetics safe?

As to fans of the famous Kylie Lip Kits, we’ve got some good news for you. Dr. Mortiz says they’re “generally safe,” but as they do contain dyes, their use “should be limited to as needed.”

Do lip fillers ruin your lips?

Over the months after the filler is injected, lips will slowly decrease in fullness before taking on their original shape and they won’t be ‘dis-formed’ at all.” But—there’s always a but—that’s assuming the filler has been injected correctly.