How many times do you fight Barthandelus?

Barthandelus is a powerful boss in Final Fantasy XIII. He is fought three times, each time with a distinct appearance. He is often fought at the ends of chapters and is one of the harder bosses of the main story.

Who is orphan in ff13?

Orphan is the final boss of the Archylte Steppe Premium World. He uses Merciless Judgment against the party, and drops the Omega Weapon for Lightning. Its in-game description refers to the fal’Cie Eden which Orphan uses to communicate with the Cocoon populace.

What should I use on Barthandelus in Final Fantasy?

Bully or Evened Odds should be the default paradigm. Using a Fortisol and an Aegisol beforehand isn’t needed, but they make the battle easier. Starting off with Fang debuffing Barthandelus, the player should aim to get Deprotect, Deshell, Slow, and Imperil on him, with the latter making for easy staggering.

How do I beat the second Barthandelus battle?

Begin with Bully (1), make sure Hope gives you Veil and Protect at a minimum. By that time, Fang will have sufficiently debuffed the enemy. Switch to Diversity (2) to stagger Barthandelus. Then switch to Tireless Charge (3) and pound the bejesus out of him.

Who is the party leader of Barthandelus Final Fantasy?

Like before, Barthandelus will inflict Doom on the party leader after 20 minutes have elapsed. Barthandelus is vulnerable to Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil. One particular strategy requires Vanille as a Saboteur. Also recommended is a Sentinel and Lightning as the party leader. Due to Apoptosis, Synergists are not particularly effective.

What kind of attack does Barthandelus use on Odin?

A benefit is that when Odin leaves, the battle party reappears with full hit point gauges.) After the “transformation event, Barthandelus uses Baptism in Ruin (Magical attack), Thanatosian Smile (Physical “machine gun” attack) and Destrudo (Laser attack).