How many times can you use a TePe brush?

Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening and in front of the mirror. Move the brush gently back and forth a few times in each interdental space. Don’t use regular toothpaste, since it contains abrasives.

Where are TePe toothbrushes made?

The toothbrush are manufactured in Sweden using 100% green energy. Tepe claims using renewable materials means it can recirculate up to 95% of CO₂ emissions during the product’s life cycle.

How long should you use a TePe brush for?

If you’re just starting out, keep at it. If you can be persistent and practice using your interdental brush for just 5 minutes a day, it will soon come naturally to you and fit in easily to your daily teeth cleaning routine. I recommend practicing in front of the mirror in privacy!

Are TePe brushes good?

While interdental brushes may not be as commonly known as floss for daily disruption of interproximal plaque, the evidence shows that if an individual uses the correct sized interdental brushes, is motivated, and uses them regularly, they may be quite beneficial in the prevention of dental disease.

Should I use TePe brushes before or after brushing?

That’s because new research has shown interdental cleaning before brushing is the best way to clean our teeth effectively. The study found that flossing loosens bacteria and food debris from between the teeth, which allows brushing to be much more successful at removing plaque.

How often should you change your TePe?

every week
We recommend you change the brush every week or when the bristles become worn or wires become buckled or distorted. Undue force and bending at severe angles will lead to damage of the wire. TePe’s wide selection of interdental brushes offers an option for every need.

What are TePe bristles made from?

TePe interdental brush handles are manufactured from polypropylene – which is recyclable. However, the bristles are made from different plastics and current recycling facilities in the UK do not have the ability to recycle items that are manufactured from mixed materials.

What is a TePe?

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Can TePe brushes damage gums?

Dentists also point to the fact that floss can cut into gums and damage them, while the interdental brush doesn’t do that. However, some places will only allow access by floss, and your dentist will indicate this if needed. Interdental brushes go between your teeth and destroy the structures of the biofilm.

Which comes first flossing or brushing?

brush first because the fluoride from the toothpaste will get pushed in between the teeth while flossing, and. floss first because it will break up plaque between the teeth for the brush to remove.

Are you supposed to put toothpaste on interdental brushes?

We find that dipping the tepe in a little toothpaste can add to the overall effectiveness too! To improve the reach and access of the tepe brush, always attach the white extension to the brush provided in each packet, and bend the brush at right angles at its base. Don’t neglect your back teeth.

Should you use Tepe brushes before or after brushing?

Is the Tepe good a sustainable toothbrush?

We’ve added new colours to our unique green toothbrush TePe GOOD™. Together they form a full range of sustainable toothbrushes made from good renewable raw materials and produced using only green energy. How can we help you? In 1965 we introduced the triangular dental stick, a significant contribution to dental care at the time.

Where does Tepe dental care products come from?

TePe remains a family owned company, with all manufacturing in Malmö Sweden. Our vision is to raise the awareness about preventive dental care and interdental cleaning. We are proud to say that our products contribute to better oral health, thereby improving life quality for people all over the world.

What do you need to know about Tepe direct?

To make this process safe, simple and user friendly as possible, TePe are offering a new service called TePe Direct ( This new website gives your patients easy access to the full range of TePe oral health products, including our new implant care kit.

Can you order a Tepe implant kit online?

This new website gives your patients easy access to the full range of TePe oral health products, including our new implant care kit. They can order online quickly and easily, and have the products delivered directly to their door.