How many points do you need for Elite Plus on celebrity?

750-2,999 points
Elite Plus: The Elite Plus level includes guests who have acquired 750-2,999 points. These guests receive all of the Elite member perks along with added benefits. The added benefits include 2 complimentary bags of laundry, a 15% discount on specialty dining, and complimentary specialty coffee.

What are the loyalty levels on celebrity?

As a Select member, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a Classic member, plus discounted spa and laundry service specials.

  • Elite. 300-749 Club Points
  • Elite Plus. 750-2999 Club Points
  • Zenith. 3000+ Club Points

What is classic tier on Celebrity Cruises?

What are the membership tiers?

Membership Tier Points Scale
Classic 2-149 points
Select 150-299 points
Elite 300 – 749 points
Elite Plus 750-2999

How many points do you get per night on Celebrity Cruises?

How do I earn points?

Stateroom or Suite Category Points earnt per night
AquaClass 5 points
Sky Suites 8 points
Celebrity, Signature and Royal Suites 12 points
Refelction and Penthouse Suites 18 points

Do Royal Caribbean points count on celebrity?

Points are only earned for the brand sailed on. All points earned will be reflected after you’ve completed your sailing….

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club
Diamond Elite
Diamond Plus Elite
Pinnacle Elite

How do you become a celebrity captains club member?

Captain’s Club members that opt-in to this program will receive an extra night’s worth of Club Points based on their stateroom category (“Go Green Bonus Points”). To participate, members can opt-in online pre-cruise at or onboard during embarkation day.

What are the benefits of celebrity captains club?


  • Access to exclusive daily coffee house-style breakfast and Evening Cocktail Hour.
  • 30% off internet package or internet upgrade.
  • 10% off beverage package upgrade to Premium pre-cruise.
  • Complimentary access to Persian Garden (on one port day)
  • One complimentary bag of laundry (wash, dry, fold) on every sailing.

Can I use my crown and anchor on celebrity?

This shared status gives you access to unique, but comparable, benefits across our other brand. Find your Captain’s Club tier below and discover your Crown & Anchor® Society Loyalty Match….

Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor
Elite Diamond
Elite Plus Diamond
Zenith Diamond

Which is better captain’s club or Elite Plus?

Captain’s Club members at the Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith level will receive reciprocal benefits in the Crown & Anchor Society at the Diamond level. Celebrity may have one of the better cruise line loyalty programs. Like many others]

Do you get points for Captain’s club on Celebrity cruise?

Cruising with Celebrity really does have its benefits. Join the Captain’s Club and enjoy an array of cruise rewards. And, the more you sail with us, the greater the rewards. You’ll earn points on every sailing and enjoy discounts, offers, and perks that all add up to an even more incredible cruise vacation experience.

What are the benefits of being a captain’s club member?

As a Select member, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a Classic member, plus discounted spa and laundry service specials. Our Elite members know that loyalty yields great rewards, including complimentary laundry services, spa benefits and complimentary Captain’s Club cocktail hour.

Are there rewards for loyalty to Celebrity Cruises?

Showing loyalty to Celebrity Cruises can get you some great rewards. Like many frequent cruiser programs, the line’s Captain’s Club doesn’t offer all that many truly valuable perks at its lower tiers.