How many pages is the book Sacajawea?

Sacajawea is a massive (over 1300 pages) historical fiction novel about the life of Sacajawea, noted Shoshone Indian travel guide of Lewis and Clark. It was written by Anna Lee Waldo and published in 1978….Sacajawea (novel)

First edition
Author Anne Lee Waldo
Pages 1300+
ISBN 978-0-380-84293-3
OCLC 10971067

What happens to Sacajawea?

In August 1812, after giving birth to a daughter, Lisette (or Lizette), Sacagawea’s health declined. By December, she was extremely ill with “putrid fever” (possibly typhoid fever). She died at 25, on December 22, 1812, in lonely, cold Fort Manuel on a bluff 70 miles south of present-day Bismarck.

Is the story of Sacagawea true?

She was a Shoshone interpreter best known for serving as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition into the American West — and for being the only woman on the famous excursion. Much of Sacagawea’s life is a mystery. Around the age of 12, Sacagawea was captured by Hidatsa Indians, an enemy of the Shoshones.

Who was Sacagawea in love with?

She was held captive at a Hidatsa village near present-day Washburn, North Dakota. At about age 13, she was sold into a non-consensual marriage to Toussaint Charbonneau, a Quebecois trapper who about two decades earlier had lived in the Hidatsa village.

Who was Sacagawea’s baby?

Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau
On February 11, 1805, Sacagawea gave birth to a son, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, whom Clark later nicknamed “Pomp,” meaning “first born” in Shoshone. With her her baby on her back and her husband by her side, Sacagawea and the men left Fort Mandan on April 7, 1805.

Is there a Sacagawea movie?

The Song of Sacajawea This is the true story of a young Native American woman who fearlessly guides explorers Lewis and Clark across the treacherous Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The film is narrated by Laura Dern, with renowned string instrumentalist David Lindley providing a rich and moving score.

Did Sacagawea died in 1812 or 1884?

The most accepted and the one that most historians support is 1812 as the date of her death. Others, relying on American Indian oral tradition believe that she died in 1884 in Shoshone lands.

Where is Sacajawea buried?

Sacajawea Cemetery, Fort Washakie, Wyoming, United States
Sacagawea/Place of burial

Are there any real photos of Sacagawea?

No picture exists of Sacagawea, and none appeared in the school readers published before 1900–hardly a surprise, considering the short shrift usually given the Lewis and Clark Expedition in nineteenth-century histories.

Is Pocahontas really Sacagawea?

No, Pocahontas and Sacagawea are not the same person. Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatan who lived from about 1596 until 1617. Sacagawea was the guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition. She lived from 1788 until 1812.

How did Lewis and Clark cross the Mississippi River?

He then rode a custom-made, 55-foot keelboat—also called “the boat” or “the barge”—down the Ohio River and joined Clark in Clarksville, Indiana. From there, Clark took the boat up the Mississippi River while Lewis continued along on horseback to collect additional supplies.

Are there any living descendants of Sacagawea?

Sheppard counts herself among the hundreds of Sacagawea descendants on the Fort Berthold Reservation, homeland of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. Sacagawea’s Hidatsa descendants’ voices, however, have mostly been unheard, unpublished.

Why is Sacagawea famous?

Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman, was famous for her role in accompanying Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in an expedition to explore the Western region of the United States. She served as an interpreter, navigator, and was proven to be helpful all throughout the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition. History has it,…

What is Sacagawea’s last name?

Notable Persons With the Last Name Sacagawea. Sacagawea was born in 1788 in Lemhi River Valley,. Sacagawea is also known as Sakakawea, Sacajawea, and Sakagawea. She died in 1812.

What is the history of Sacagawea?

Sacagawea’s Early Life A Lemhi Shoshone, Sacagawea was born around 1788 in modern-day Idaho. Twelve years later, she was captured by the gun-possessing Hidatsa tribe , who, according to History, took her to the Hidatsa-Mandan settlement near what is now North Dakota.