How many government engineering colleges are in Bihar?

As of July 2018, there are 6 central government, 38 government engineering colleges in the public sector, and 17 engineering colleges in the private sector in Bihar, and 2 government-aided BIT Patna and Women’s Institute of Technology, Darbhanga.

Which college is best for engineering in Bihar?

Best Engineering Colleges in Bihar

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Patna.
  2. National Institute of Technology, Patna.
  3. Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Muzaffarpur.
  4. Women’s Institute of Technology, Darbhanga.
  5. Nalanda College of Engineering, Nalanda.
  6. Patna Sahib College of Engineering & Technology, Vaishali.

How many engineering colleges are there in Bihar?

76 Engineering Colleges in Bihar.

Can I get direct admission in Bihar engineering College?

Admission of Engineering Colleges in Bihar Top Private Engineering colleges/universities in Bihar seats reserved to gives direct entry through management quota seats in interested course and student has to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the government.

What is the fee of Bihar Engineering College?

National Institute of Technology Patna popularly known as NIT Patna is one of the 18th National Institute of Technology created by the Ministry of H.R.D….2. National Institute of Technology, Patna.

Address: Patna, Bihar – 800005, India
Fees: Rs- 165,000/-
Admission Process: Admission based on JEE Mains examination

What is the fee of Bihar engineering College?

Who is the best private polytechnic college in Bihar?

Top Private Engineering Colleges in Bihar 2021

  • Dr CV Raman University, Vaishali.
  • Amity University, Patna.
  • Patna Sahib Technical Campus, Vaishali.
  • Moti Babu Institute of Technology, Patna.
  • Shri Ram Polytechnic, Madhubani.
  • Adwaita Mission Institute of Technology, Maniyarpur.
  • Buddha Institute of Technology, Gaya.

Can I get admission in BTech without jee?

Answer. Yes, you can get admitted in Delhi university even without attending JEE MAINS. There an entrance exam for Delhi university through which we can get admitted.

Is Patna Women’s College good?

“Best college for girls in Bihar” Almost 75% of the students are placed. The highest salary offered is Rs. The lowest salary package offered in our course is 3 LPA. The avg salary package offered in our course is 4.8 LPA.