How many episodes are there in North and South Book 2?

North and South, Book II/Number of episodes

Who played Ezra in North and South?

Beau Billingslea

Character North and South 1985 North and South: Book II 1986
Ezra Beau Billingslea
Lt. Rudy Bodford Michael Dudikoff
Lt. Stephen Kent Whip Hubley
Hope Hazard uncredited Jennifer and Michele Steffin

How many episodes are there in North and South?

North and South/Number of episodes

Is there a season 2 of North and South?

Summary: Based on a best-selling novel by John Jakes, North and South is a dramatic mini-series about two best friends and their families set against a backdrop of the American Civil War.

Why did Billy leave North and South?

*In Episode III, despondent over being unable to see Brett for two years, Billy decides to go AWOL, following the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) and head south to South Carolina to see Brett. Upon his arrival at Mont Royal, he stays there less than 24 hours and leaves to return to the Army.

What happened to Ashton in North and South?

After successfully murdering Orry with a knife, Ashton tries unsuccessfully to kill Bent. She then moves to the West to start a new life. She begins working as a prostitute in Santa Fe, with a goal of earning enough money to buy Mont Royal.

How old is John Thornton in North and South?

About 30 years old
Thornton is a successful, self-made manufacturer in Milton and Margaret’s eventual love interest. About 30 years old, he is “neither exactly plain, nor yet handsome,” and is “not quite a gentleman,” according to Margaret.

How long is North and South BBC?

North & South (TV serial)

North & South
Producer Kate Bartlett
Running time 235 min. (4 parts)
Original network BBC One

Where can I watch Patrick Swayze North and South?

How to Watch North and South. You are able to stream North and South by renting or purchasing on Vudu.

How does North and South End?

The ending of this book gives us a rare show of humor from Margaret and Thornton, whose lives have been fairly miserable for most of this book. By the end though, they’ve decided that they’d like to marry one another, and now their talk turns to an awkward subject—the fact that their in-laws can’t stand them.

Does Orry Main marry?

Orry (a military advisor to Jefferson Davis) finally marries his star-crossed love Madeline, but he is later killed at the Battle of Petersburg by a wounded soldier he tries to help.

Why does Mr Hale leave the church?

Hale finds himself unable to reaffirm his faith in the church doctrine and makes a final decision: he will give up his role as vicar — a role he anxiously felt he no longer had a moral right to hold. Once his mind is made up, his resolution is firm, despite the suffering and upheaval he knows this will cause.