How fast is a Mooney M20J?

201 mph
Produced between 1977 and 1998, the airplane’s official name is M20J, but it was marketed as the 201 to highlight its top speed of 201 mph. It was the first airplane to exceed 200 mph with an engine producing 200 hp.

Are mooneys comfortable?

The extended cabin of the Mooney M20J is quite comfortable on long flights. With only two people aboard, the front seats can be pushed back to where even a tall person can’t reach the rudder pedals. Having flown heavy aircraft for over 30 years, I appreciate the solid feel and stability of a Mooney.

Which Mooney is the fastest?

When Mooney introduced its Type S Acclaim last fall, it said that it indisputably had the fastest piston single in the world, with a top cruise speed of up to 242 knots, an improvement of nearly 10 knots over the original Acclaim.

Why is Mooney so fast?

Speed comes down to power and aerodynamics. Mooneys have aerodynamics that make them faster than other planes with the same power. Retractable gear, a slippery wing, and a small cabin (on some) all play a factor.

How much does it cost to fly a Mooney?

Typical Mooney operating costs average between $60-$80 per hour depending on a wide range of variables.

How much does a Mooney Acclaim cost?

The price tag for the Acclaim Ultra is set at $769,000. Mooney will also produce the M20U Ovation Ultra for $689,000, the Ovation being a slower, nonturbocharged version of the Acclaim. Look for a full flight review in an upcoming issue of Flying.

Are mooneys expensive to maintain?

Mooney operating costs are typically broken down by hour and include, fuel, insurance, tie-down or hangar storage fees, regular maintenance inspections, and landing fees. Typical Mooney operating costs average between $60-$80 per hour depending on a wide range of variables.

Is a Mooney a good first airplane?

I concur that a Mooney would suit you just fine for your goals. Just plan on 5-10 hours of transition instruction, and a good portion of that can be a start on the instrument rating as well. It is the most economical XC plane out there by whatever metric you want to use for measurement.

How far can you fly a single-engine plane?

Small planes can get anywhere from 500 nautical miles to upwards of 1500 nautical miles depending on fuel load and optional tank configuration. But the middle of that range seems to be the average. I have found that range is more dependent on how long you can sit in the plane not now much gas you can carry.

Is driving faster than flying?

When Is It Cheaper to Fly? Flying is faster than driving when you need to travel a long distance. If you need to make a connecting flight, flying is usually quicker for trips with an 8+ hour drive. Time is money, especially for long-distance trips.

How much does a new Mooney cost?

New Acclaim Ultra airplanes are already rolling down the production line in Kerrville, Texas, and Mooney expects to receive the sign off from the FAA for the upgrades in the second quarter of this year. The price tag fully equipped is $769,000.

How much does a Diamond DA40 cost?

The way the program works is fairly simple. An aircraft buyer purchases a new Diamond DA40 and makes it available to three pilots who lease 100 hours of flight time per year….DiamondShare.

Diamond DA40 NG
Price as equipped $494,765
Engine Austro Engine AE300 (168 hp)
Propeller MT three-blade
Seats 4

What was the top speed of the Mooney M20J?

1977 saw the release of the M20J also known as the Mooney 201 to denote its top speed of 201 mph. The M20J featured an improved aerodynamic shape and a 200 hp engine that earned it second place in the M20 series popularity contest, coming in right behind the M20C.

When did Mooney stop selling the M20J 201?

Mooney was selling three airplanes that were more or less the same: All M20Js, but with different equipment. In 1988 the 201 was dropped, and the 205 became the 205SE. By 1989, Mooney realized that it was simply confusing the customers, and returned to the 201 name.

What kind of tail does the Mooney M20 have?

From the start, the M20 has had a rather unique tail for its class. The all-trimming tail, Mooney notes, is a “strong and efficient design [that] is usually found only on turbine aircraft.” This tail configuration maximizes aircraft controllability in high angle of attack situations while eliminating trim tab drag.

When did the Mooney M20D trainer plane come out?

The M20D was a modified M20C designed to be marketed as a trainer plane capable of competing with the Piper Cherokee 180. The M20D, released in 1963, featured a fixed-pitch propeller and fixed landing gear, though it could be upgraded with retractable gear.