How does a Turbo 400 trans brake work?

A transbrake is activated by a driver-controlled switch that connects to a solenoid mounted on the transmission. When engaged, the transbrake applies forward/low gear and reverse at the same time. Working against each other, the vehicle is unable to move, and is effectively locked in position on the starting line.

What is TH400 engine braking?

Many TH400 Full Manual and Transbrake Valve Bodies eliminate the intermediate band which results in the loss of engine braking functionality, meaning that when the driver lifts the throttle the car will free wheel rather than slow down with the engine.

Is a trans brake hard on transmission?

Installing a trans-brake isn’t hard. This kit from Rossler Racing is an example. A trans-brake is a component that is installed in your automatic transmission’s valve body. When the trans-brake engages, it makes the automatic transmission “think” that it is in both drive and reverse at the same time.

What RPM should you leave on a transbrake?

According to the folks at Rossler Transmissions, most combinations prefer to the leave off the trans-brake at between 3,000 and 5,800 rpm.

How do you activate a trans brake?

On the 7AL, you plug in a two or three step module into where your rev limit chip is now. When you press you transbrake button, it activates the two-step to hold the motor at the intermediate RPM and your transbrake. When you release the button, all hell brakes loose.

Do I need a trans brake?

But if your street-and-strip ride has a traction surplus, a trans brake may be what you need. Eventually engine torque overcomes the ability of the wheel brakes to resist axleshaft rotation, and the tires either break traction and spin or the car creeps forward before you want it to.

Is a TH400 electronic?

This is an electronically controlled transmission that is still being produced and used in a range of heavy-duty GM and military cars/trucks. Generally, here’s a list of cars that used the TH400 transmission: 1965-1967, 327 V8 (Rambler/AMC)

Do you need a line lock with a trans brake?

You need a line lock to do your burnout. So you dont burn up your back brakes. Plus it will not hold you if you want to stage with it. you need a transbrake to run consistant times.

Is a 700R4 good for drag racing?

Racing with a stock 700R4 while in overdrive risks the integrity of the O/D band and limits your performance in a drag race, and can ruin the transmission. But a custom built 700R4 is made of sterner stuff, and reduces the lag time introduced by sloppy and sluggish shifts.

Can a transbrake be used on a GM Turbo 400?

One of the more popular modifications made to the Turbo 400 is the addition of an internal transmission brake. Transmission brakes (transbrakes) have been available for the TH400 for decades. The concept of using a transbrake is to produce the fastest possible acceleration from a standing start. Transbrakes are used specifically for drag racing.

How to install transbrake on hipsters Turbo 400?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION OF T400 TRANSBRAKE 1. Disassemble transmission. 2. Disassemble direct drum. 3. Drill 1/16” hole in drum as shown in figure 1. 4. Replace piston lip seals; discard center seal in drum.

Where is bleed off hole on Turbo 400 transbrake valve?

Remove piston assembly from clutch drum. STEP 3: A bleed off hole must be drilled into high gear clutch drum (See Photo 1). STEP 4: The bleed off hole should be 1/16″ or .0625″. Drill from inside-out behind the piston area.

How much does a TH400 transbrake valve body cost?

Proprietary design features instant brake apply and release and the fastest 2-3 upshift ever available with the OEM casting. This kit includes a host of upgraded components to improve transmission performance and durability. $399.00 /Each. This is the most unique valve body of its kind.