How does a DC-attack work in Maplestory?

A typical DC-attack would be spamming a series of packets to the victim in very short delay interval, while in the case of MapleStory, when you spam packets to disconnect another user, you are not actually sending those packets to that user, instead you are sending to the server.

How many bytes are in a MapleStory packet?

The Packet Encryption in MapleStory is a combination of AES and MapleStory’s own encryption. Packet headers are 4 bytes long, and are generated with the use of the send IV, packet length (without header) and the version of MapleStory. The version is – (version + 1) when sending a packet to the client, otherwise just the plain version.

How big is the encryption key for MapleStory?

MapleStory’s encryption cipher uses the well known algorithm, AES-OFB (Advanced Encryption Standard using Output Feed Buffer). The cipher’s key length is 256 bits, or 32 bytes. The key was static, until version 118, when Nexon changed it.

What are send and recv functions in Maplestory?

The generic functions for sending and receiving data are “send” and “recv”, aptly named. There are other variants however, such as WSASend, sendto, recvfrom, and more, usually a game/program uses 1 pair and nothing else (send/recv for example). So the first step is to find which pair they use. On maplestory it’s send and recv.

How long have you been using Packet Editing?

Being a packet editor user, having 3~4 years of wonderful packet editing experiences on many mmorpg games. It’s time for me to share my packet editing knowledge to everyone.

How to use the trainer in mapleroyals.exe?

To use the trainer just open it after you open MapleRoyals. Simple as that. It will attach to the process MapleRoyals.exe, no need to put it in the main file or anything. NOTE:YOU WILL NEED NUMPAD KEYS TO TOGGLE HACKS. Attached KittersPE (Packet Editor) on it as well.

How to spoof a MAC in mapleroyals V83?

Very Simple. You can also spoof your MAC using the KitterzPE if you are MAC banned. Go to character selection after selecting channel. When you double click your character a packet should be logged, whether you get sent in game or error shows up from MAC ban. the hex packet should look something like this.