How do you supervise a dissertation?

Role of Supervisor Discuss the progress of your work with you during the course of the year. Offer guidance on the proposed structure. Require you to produce drafts of sections or chapters of the dissertation. Offer feedback on some of your drafts, which you can then revise.

What should I discuss in my dissertation supervisor?

Choosing the right supervisorAre they familiar with your sub-field? This question gets more important the higher the level of your dissertation. Are they broadly sympathetic to the direction you want to take? Do their working patterns and expectations match your own? How many other supervisees do they have?

What does a dissertation supervisor do?

The role of the supervisor is to assist the student by providing advice and guidance on how to prepare, produce and improve their dissertation. The supervisor should be available to advise the student on approach, coverage, questions to be asked and the outline structure and research design.