How do you maximize Unholy DK DPS?

How To Improve As Unholy Death Knight — Shadowlands 9.1

  1. Over-Capping Runic Power and Holding Runes.
  2. Pooling Runic Power in AoE for Epidemic.
  3. Not Using Soul Reaper Often Enough.
  4. Make Sure Your Ghoul is Casting Abilities.
  5. Using Outbreak When You Have Unholy Blight for Single-Target.
  6. Using Anti-Magic Shell on Non-Magical Damage.

What Rune should I use Unholy DK?

Rune of the Fallen Crusader: the staple Runeforge for Unholy Death Knights, you will always see this Runeforge used in both Mythic+ and Raid content. Rune of the Fallen Crusader. Rune of Razorice: this Runeforge has more of a place with Frost Death Knights since Unholy does no frost damage.

What are the best talents for Unholy DK?

Best Unholy DK Talents (Raids)

  • Level 15: All Will Serve.
  • Level 25: Unholy Blight.
  • Level 30: Asphyxiate.
  • Level 35: Soul Reaper.
  • Level 40: Wraith Walk.
  • Level 45: Unholy Pact.
  • Level 50: Army of the Damned.

How do you cleave as Unholy DK?

  1. Use. Outbreak.
  2. Use. Army of the Dead.
  3. Use. Summon Gargoyle.
  4. Use. Festering Strike.
  5. Use. Festering Strike + Potion + Trinket.
  6. Use. Festering Strike.
  7. Use. Unholy Blight + Potion + Trinket.
  8. Use. Dark Transformation.

What weapon is best for Unholy DK?

Best in Slot Items for Unholy Death Knight from Dungeons

Slot Item Boss
Weapon Dessia’s Decimating Decapitator or Zin’khas, Blade of the Fallen God Dessia in Theater of Pain or Hakkar the Soulflayer in De Other Side

How do you master Unholy DK?

Best Unholy Death Knight Rotation

  1. Keep up Virulent Plague on all targets with Outbreak (or Unholy Blight when possible).
  2. Use Dark Transformation on Cooldown.
  3. Use Apocalypse on Cooldown, making sure you have 4 or more Festering Wounds on the target before casting the ability.

Can Unholy DK dual wield?

In the latest Beta build, Unholy and Frost have received a few updates to address some common concerns. The proc rate has been adjusted to bring Dual Wield and Two-Handed closer together and the Runic Power gain has been increased to 5 from 3.

Which Rune is best for DK?

Fallen Crusader
In general, the best runes are Fallen Crusader for DPS and Stoneskin Gargoyle/Nerubian Carapace for tanking. For dual-wield DPS, Razorice is competitive for the offhand. All death knight weapons may have runes forged on them.

Why is Unholy DK so strong?

AoE Capabilities: Unholy DKs have the strongest AoE in the game. The interplay between Infected Claws, Bursting Sores, Death and Decay and Scourge Strike causes quadratic scaling up to 9 targets, and linear scaling afterwards.

Which DK spec is best?

Although each specialization has strengths and weaknesses, we recommend Blood as the best Death Knight leveling spec. Blood has high area damage capability and amazing self-healing, and its damage is not far behind the two damage specializations. As a tank, you can often experience near-instant dungeon queues!

How does Unholy DK work?

Unholy Death Knights use their minions and diseases to leave destruction in their wake. Scourge Strike which costs a rune will generate runic power, which you can then spend on abilities like Death Coil. Festering Strike generates Festering Wounds (and Runic Power), which are spent by abilities like Scourge Strike.