How do you know if a topic is researchable?

What is the current state of research and discussion in this field/ area? How would undertaking this research contribute to knowledge in the field? What is the significance of the topic? Is it practical and doable/achievable/feasible/realistic?

How can I fall in love again writing?

7 Ways How To Renew Your Love for Writing AgainWrite What You Love. When you don’t write something you enjoy, you may struggle to find the motivation to write at all. Be Kind and Focus on Reading. Look to the Greats. Establish A Writing Routine. Tuning into Your Writing. Keep Yourself Always Motivated. Join a Writers’ Group.

How do I get my writing back from Mojo?

Writing and Publishing a Book is Hard. Here’s How to Get Your Mojo Back….Do something that is jarringly out of your routine, and do it alone.Have a meal in a neighborhood you’ve never set foot in and that is totally unlike your own. If you’re a night owl, wake up and watch the sunrise from an inspiring location.