How do you get SBB in brave frontier?

When a unit reaches 6 stars in evolution, it will acquire Super Brave Burst after it reaches Brave Burst level 10. Super Brave Burst starts over at level 1 again but is leveled the same way as normal Brave Burst.

What are golems used for in brave frontier?

They have been observed to gather at volcanic hotspots and splash around in lava. Used for Bonding eligible units and increasing Bond Levels.

What is DBB brave frontier?

DBB is the latest combat mechanic that provides players the capability to combine the skills of two heroes in a single special attack that provides additional damage to enemies and extra effects to allies or foes in battle.

What are enhancements brave frontier?

Enhancements are only unlocked when the unit has Ultimate Brave Burst unlocked and has reached the maximum level (Level 150). Each unit receives 10 SP automatically on start. SP reaches 100 at maximum and can be only spent up to that amount. Additional SP can be obtained after Omni+ Boost up to 120 SP at Omni+3.

What is the best unit in brave frontier?

Top 10 Best units in Brave Frontier

  1. Burny. Burny is a god-tier unit with amazing stats that has the ability to paralyze any unit with it’s brave burst.
  2. Magress.
  3. Azami.
  4. Azurai.
  5. Rize.
  6. Camilla.
  7. Sirius.
  8. Elimo.

How do I raise my BB level in brave frontier?

The Brave Burst or BB Level is raised when you fuse monsters of the same type. What you will have to do is to look at the Brave Burst type of the two character cards to make the decision. The BB leveling chance decreases significantly as you go up in level.

Where can I farm Golem brave frontier?

You can get Golems from the following Bazaars:

  • Exalted Bazaar – [25 Exalted Tokens]
  • Raid Battle Bazaar – [2500 Orebi Shards]
  • Brave Insignia Bazaar – [12 Brave Insignia]

How do you get amber butterflies in brave frontier?

How to Obtain

  1. Accumulate a total of 67,500 BP (6 copies)
  2. Accumulate a total of 87,500 BP (6 copies)
  3. Accumulate a total of 97,500 BP (6 copies)

What does bonding do in brave frontier?

Bonding is a mechanic introduced in the Version 2.0. 0 Update of the Global version of Brave Frontier. Bonded units join together to unleash their Dual Brave Burst during combat to unleash a mighty power, an Elemental Synergy, in addition to their combined Ultimate Brave Bursts.

What units have DBB brave frontier?

Currently, these pairs of units are DBB-eligible:

  • – Xenon x Estia.
  • – Azurai x Korzan.
  • – Tsovinar x Saerenthis.
  • – QiuTong x Sero-Anya.
  • – Tevarius x N’an-Wang-Mu.
  • – Giselle x Kranus.
  • – Juno-Seto x Ensa-Taya.
  • – *Durumn x Vrana.

Is Brave Frontier Global shutting down?

Gumi has shut down both its Paris-based Gumi Europe studio and the mobile game Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner that studio launched in late 2018.

What is the strongest character in Brave Frontier?

1. Azius. The Azius is an one of the strongest Brave Frontier character in the game.