How do you get a lot of money in Resident Evil 4?

10 Ways To Be Smart With Money In Resident Evil 4

  1. 1 Kill All Big Enemies.
  2. 2 Sell Completed Herbs.
  3. 3 Sell Excess Ammunition.
  4. 4 Always Collect Weapons Found On The Field.
  5. 5 Break Every Box.
  6. 6 Don’t Buy Stocks And Scopes.
  7. 7 Combine Treasures Before Selling Them.
  8. 8 Buy The Treasure Maps.

Is Resident Evil 4 the best game ever?

Resident Evil 4 is often considered one of the best video games of all time. Nintendo Power ranked it as number one in their list of the top 25 best GameCube games of all time in 2005 and also ranked it second on their list of the best games of the 2000s in 2010.

What is the currency in RE4?

The Peseta (currency symbol: ₧) was a form of real world currency and was used as the in-game “money” in Resident Evil 4. The Peseta was the currency of Spain between 1869 and until 2002 where it was replaced by the Euro, although some areas continued to use Pesetas for a time.

What weapons can you find re4?


  • Handguns.
  • Handguns. Handgun. Punisher. Red9. Blacktail. Matilda.
  • Shotguns.
  • Shotguns. Shotgun. Riot Gun. Striker.
  • Rifles.
  • Rifles. Rifle. Rifle (semi-auto)
  • Magnums.
  • Are there any cheats for Resident Evil 4?

    Beat the game once. Beat the Separate Way. Beat the game once. Beat the Separate Way. Contributed By: sephirosuy. All weapons are only available from the 2nd Round. Beat Separate Way once. Clear Assignment Ada. Get 5 stars rank in all Mercenaries stages with every characters. Beat the game once. Beat the game once.

    How do you unlock Wesker in Resident Evil 4?

    1. First Unlock Wesker in the mercenaries mini game by getting a 4 star rating in the castle map of the game. 2. Select him 3. When in the stage selection screen, press cancel until the title screen 4. Select new game (any costume) 5. Here you go Wesker in main story

    What kind of herbs are in Resident Evil 4?

    Resident Evil 4, like the other games in the series, features three different types of healing herb, which can be combined in numerous ways. However, due to the removal of the Poison status from the game, the Blue herb is replaced by the Yellow. The chart below lists all possible combinations and the effects of herbs when used:

    What do you get in Professional mode Resident Evil 4?

    The merchant will give you a PRL 412 laser cannon when you start Round 2 of Professional mode. Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock the Chicago Typewriter (Tommy gun with infinite ammunition) for purchase (for 1 million Pesetas).