How do you finish laser etched wood?


  1. To seal the wood surface, apply varnish (I used “Stays Clear” from Benjamin Moore) and let it dry.
  2. Laser engrave!
  3. Apply the same varnish in the gutter.
  4. Fill the engraving with paint!
  5. Carefully peel the masking tape.
  6. Some bleeding is ok!
  7. This is how it turned out!

Can wood be laser engraved?

Wood is the perfect material for laser engraving personalized gift items. Through laser engraving technology, you can create unique pieces by engraving names, logos, images, and prints into wooden products.

Should I stain wood before or after laser engraving?

If you want to get a quality, professional wood engraving, you need make the proper preparations. Take a look at your wood to be sure that it is sanded and smooth. Make sure that you stain and clear coat your wood before engraving.

How do you protect wooden engraving?

I usually spray the wood with lacquer. You can leave it natural, but most woods will turn gray as they age. There are also products like Watco oil or you could even use mineral oil that you wipe on and wipe off, and it soaks into the wood without drying.

How do you laser engrave wood without burning it?

5 Tips for Preventing Burning When Laser Cutting

  1. Use Transfer Tape on the Surface of the Wood.
  2. Modify the CO2 Laser Power Settings.
  3. Apply a Coating.
  4. Submerge Thin Wood in Water.
  5. Use Air Assist.

How long does it take to laser engrave wood?

about 3-5 minutes
The easy answer: Laser engraving takes about 3-5 minutes. The real answer: Laser Engraving can take anywhere from 5 seconds to multiple hours. Quite a few factors need to be taken into account such as the material being engraved, the size of the design, and the power of the laser to name a few.

Can you stain over engraved wood?

You dont have to be real careful just make sure you get into all of the carved areas. Then sand the top surface and the paint will come up pretty easily and the black will remain in the carved area. Then go ahead and stain the whole thing. When you wipe up the stain, it will come right off the painted area.

What kind of paint do you use for laser engraving?

acrylic paints
Our acrylic paints are designed for fill reverse engraved areas on signs or applications. Specially designed to use on laser engraved plastics our acrylic filler paints will not affect nor “craze” the lasered area.

What kind of wood is used for laser cutting?

Soft Woods – With softer woods like poplar and balsa, the wood can be cut and engraved faster using a lower power level. If the wood is lighter, there will be less contrast as well. Hard Woods – Cherry and oak are typically denser than other woods and require higher power levels for engraving and cutting.

What kind of laser engraving does Artwood use?

Do Even More With Custom Laser Art! ArtWood Enterprises creates the finest laser art using only the highest class of technology for laser engraving. We begin our process as soon as we receive your order. After treating and sanding the wood to a smooth finish we feed the wood into our EPILOG MINI/HELIX – MODEL 8000 laser engraver and fire it up.

Which is the best engraved wood picture frame?

Our engraved wood frames also make unique gifts for the loved ones in your life. Our personalized wood picture frames make the perfect Christmas gifts for parents or siblings, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, or birthday gift

Can you make laser art with Washington Wood?

Our wood engravers are are highly skilled in producing the highest quality laser art with Washington wood. You will find something for every occasion in our extensive product catalog! If you don’t just head over to our custom engraving section and create your own. The possibilities are endless. Do Even More With Custom Laser Art!

Where can I get laser engraved key chains?

Based in Olympia, Washington there is never a shortage of beautiful wood to create custom laser engraved key-chains, coasters, pendants, plaques, portraits and novelties. Our wood engravers are are highly skilled in producing the highest quality laser art with Washington wood.