How do you escape the bathroom on addicting games?

To play Escape the Bathroom, the trick is to click on literally everything. Go from screen to screen, and if it looks like anything at all, click it. You’ll collect items, and you’ll want to use those with anything and everything. You’ll get the lay of the land, and maybe even solve a few puzzles along the way.

How do you play escape the car?

Zoom in on the pedals and click on the button with the yellow trunk symbol to open the trunk. Zoom out, turn right twice, click the middle cushion to move it aside, click the dark gray area behind it to zoom in, and click on the light coming from the open trunk to escape.

What does the key do in escape the car?

On the ceiling in the back of the car is a wiring guide that must be removed with the utility knife. Open the console in the back seat area, then remove the cap from the cigarette lighter to find a key; use the key to unlock the glove compartment.

What is the code for the game escape the car?

This is the code for the safe! Looking forward, enter the code 2415 into the safe and when it swings open you should find a sledgehammer inside. Use the sledgehammer on the windshield to smash it open and escape to freedom!

How do you open the trunk in escape the car?

Completing the Escape Type in “E40” and press the “Enter” key to access the trunk. With batteries in the flashlight, you’ll be able to view the area. Use the flashlight to break the cracked light on your left, earning a car key.

What is the code for the toolbox in escape the room?

Look down and inspect the toolbox. Enter the code 8 – 9 – 4 – 5 (H I D E). The toolbox should open and you will find some grease. Look right, inspect the shelves, and inspect the tape player.

Which is the best walkthrough for escape the bathroom?

Here is the full walkthrough solution for Escape the Bathroom from This step by step guide with screen prints will help you solve all the puzzles and provides detailed explanations to get you out of the bathroom… alive! Escape the Bathroom created by Shawn Tanner. An Afro-Ninja Production.

How do you escape the bathroom walkthrough Blue Dragon?

Escape the Bathroom Walkthrough. Click on the plunger. click on the toilet seat. go back then click on the back of the toilet and grab the plunger head and drag it to the flush valve and click. Click on the toilet reservoir and use the plunger’s head on the flush valve.

How to turn on the water in the bathroom?

Use the toothbrush to clean the terminals. Use the hairdryer to dry the terminals. Now you attach the wires. (Do not do this at home — it is unsafe to play with electricity in the bathroom!) Go right to the keypad. Enter the code 45801 and click enter. The cover will open: Use the wrench to turn the bath tub water on.

How can I break the mirror in my bathroom?

Open the cabinet below the sink. Take the baking soda. Take the baking soda label. Zoom up above the toilet. Use the stick on the loose panel until you can take the hairdryer. Zoom in on the mirror. Use the stick to break it further. Take a mirror shard.