How do you drop the bomb in IL 2?

Check your Keyboard or Joystick layout. Go into the “controls” section when you hit esc. during flight, find Drop bombs and map it to whatever key you’d like it to be.

How do I fix my il2 1946?

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Find the il2fb.exe file in the steam folder and right click on it and then click properties. Select the compatability tab and then check the option “Overide high DPI scaling bevavior” and hit OK. After that you can change the resolution to whatever you want.

How do you open the bomb bay door in rogue?

Have you installed any bomb upgrades into the Rogue in your hangar? If so, either hold D-pad Right (on controller) or hold E (on keyboard) to open the bomb bay doors.

Does the Avenger drop bombs?

The Avenger’s weaponry is able to shoot down attacking planes before they can cause too much damage. The vehicle has the option for installing bombs, providing heavy firepower against ground targets.

How many bombs does the Avenger carry?

The Avenger had a large bomb bay, allowing for one Bliss-Leavitt Mark 13 torpedo, a single 2,000-pound (907 kg) bomb, or up to four 500-pound (227 kg) bombs.

Why won’t my bomb bay doors open?

If so, either hold D-pad Right (on controller) or hold E (on keyboard) to open the bomb bay doors. Also, check if you’ve set control of the bomb bay to yourself or the co-pilot: Interaction Menu > Vehicles, then at the bottom are two options for who can use bombs and countermeasures.

Does the Rogue have a bomb bay?

And that’s exactly what you want them to think. Because with room for machine guns, missiles, anti-intercept countermeasures and a full-size bomb bay, you’ll have those casual observers to puddles of speechless blood and piles of stupefied bones all day long.

What bombs are the best for the avenger?

Explosive bombs are the best bombs probably followed by gas. Generally the bombs pretty much work like our grenades. 1 explosive bomb = 1 grenade. 1 incendiary bomb = 1 Molotov.

Which bomb is best GTA?

The best GTA Online thrown weapon: Sticky Bomb The Sticky Bomb is a universal favorite thanks to its versatility.