How do you cover a metal post in a basement?

Here are your options:

  1. Pole Covers, Pole Wraps or Column Covers. The least expensive option to cover those poles are by using pole wraps, pole covers or column covers.
  2. Use the Pole. Another popular way to “cover” support beams is too actually include the pole in the design.
  3. The Pole Becomes Part of the Design.

How do you disguise support columns?

How To Decorate A Column In The Middle Of Your Room

  1. Molding. Adding molding to your column can give it a classic sophisticated look.
  2. Tile. Tiling your column is another way to add some color and texture to your space.
  3. Brick.
  4. Wood.
  5. Marble.
  6. Mirror.
  7. Rope.
  8. Shelving.

Can Jack posts be permanent?

No “split” jack posts are manufactured for permanent use in the USA. All home inspectors and code enforcement personnel should deem the permanent use of split jack posts or telescoping adjustable columns as a structural and safety defect in any home in the USA.

How do you hide a support beam?

A drywall cover makes the beam virtually disappear into the ceiling, making it look more like a soffit than a beam. Secure the drywall directly to the beam, tape and cover all the nails and corners. Add texture with drywall mud to match the ceilings and walls. When dry, paint the beam to match the ceilings and walls.

How much weight can a jack post support?

20,000 lbs.
Q: What is the maximum weight that a jack post can support? A: The compression range of Jack Post is 20,000 lbs. to the weight of 38,000 lbs. It supports sagging timbers and floors, mobile homes, decks, and porches, among other things.

How much does it cost to replace a support beam in basement?

Replacing a main or basement support beam could cost anywhere from $6,500 to $25,000 or more. If you need to replace a beam in a crawl space, you’ll likely only pay between $1,500 and $4,000. These beams are typically smaller and don’t bear as much weight, which makes them easier to replace.

How do I hide a support post?

An alternative is to box it in with Sheetrock, then make it disappear. One way to do that is to construct a larger box around the post and then mirror the four sides. A mirror will reflect the room, add more light and make the post seemingly disappear. Still another way to hide the post is to blend it into the room.

What to use to cover columns in basement?

Our Decorative Basement Pole Covers are quick and easy to install. Simply cut to fit and install with construction adhesive. Often referred to as basement poles, lally columns or jack posts, these below grade structural supports often present a challenge when designing a floor plan.

Can You cover Lally columns with pole wrap?

Pole-Wrap – Basement column covers that conceal and beautify! Beautify Poles, Cover Lally Columns Fast! Take some of the work out of remodeling your basement by covering your existing structural support columns with POLE-WRAP. Our Decorative Basement Pole Covers are quick and easy to install.

What kind of padding do I need for my basement pole?

It’s a home safety pole padded wrap system that’s inexpensive and easy to install. Lolly Wrap® is a Patented product that was designed to easily wrap your column and give you a safe cushioned column pad for use on your basement lally pole / column.

What can I use to hold up a beam in my basement?

While lally columns or jack post covers are an effective means to holding up a beam, most homeowners consider them to be an unsightly eye sore when designing plans for their basement living space. Using our basement pole wrap, these cold, immovable obstacles can be transformed into a decorative interior column accent.