How do I write a future research recommendation?

Conclusions and recommendationsbe written to relate directly to the aims of the project as stated in the Introduction.indicate the extent to which the aims have been achieved.summarise the key findings, outcomes or information in your report.acknowledge limitations and make recommendations for future work (where applicable)

What does future research mean?

Futures research can be defined as a systematic study of possible future events and circumstances. Futures research is different from forecasting in a way that the former has a forward orientation and looks ahead, rather that backwards, and is not as mathematical as forecasting.

How do you write a future in a research paper?

You can usually do this in one paragraph with three main key points, and one strong take-home message. You should not present any new arguments in your conclusion. You can raise some open questions and set the scene for the next study. This is a good place to register your thoughts about possible future work.

What is the study of the future called?

“Futurology” is defined as the “study of the future.” The term was coined by German professor Ossip K. Flechtheim in the mid-1940s, who proposed it as a new branch of knowledge that would include a new science of probability.

How much does a futurist make?

Currently, there are about 1,000 futurists working in the United States. Those futurists make between $33,000 and $111,000 per year with an average salary of $83,000 per year.

Why foresight is important?

Foresight, in contrast to fatalism, gives us increased power to shape our futures, even in the most turbulent of times. Foresight is critical to success in all areas of our lives, including major life decisions. Education is another area where foresight is important.

How does one become a futurist?

How do you become a futurist? 10 key elements of a career thinking about the futureExposure to variety in study, work and society. Mastering systems thinking. Education and self-education. Career paths. Publishing. Social networking. Professional development. Mentoring and fostering connections.

Where can I study futurology?

programs globally in futurology (also known as strategic foresight or futures studies). In the U.S., Regent University, University of Houston and University of Hawaii are three institutions offering futurology master’s and PhD programs.

Who are the best futurists?

Top Futurist Speakers to Have at Your ConferenceJoel Comm. Joel Comm hits the top of the list with his almost 25 years of doing business online. Tan Le. Tan Le is a futurist speaker who’s all about the brain. Brian Solis. Eric O’Neill. Peter Zeihan. Vivek Wadhwa. Ben Casnocha. Mike Walsh.

What does futurology mean?

based on current trends

What is a futuristic person?

Definition of Futuristic People with the strength of Futuristic have an incredible ability to see the future. They are dreamers and perceivers of what could be, what might be, and then in turn direct their lives toward this future.

What is futurology education?

FUTUROLOGY: Futurology is the study of postulating possible, probable & preferable future & the worldviews & myths that underline them. Part of discipline thus seeks a systematic & pattern-based understanding of past & present & to determine the likelihood of future events & trends. …

Is futurist capitalized?

The names (and derivative adjectives) of some artistic movements are, as Barrie England tells you, properly capitalized: Futurism, Epic Theatre, Socialist Realism, Art Deco, Neue Sachlichkeit.

Does modernism need a capital M?

Capitalize names of cultural movements and styles if they are derived from proper nouns; otherwise they should be lowercased: Cynicism, Doric, Gothic, Neoplatonism, Pre-Raphaelite, Romanesque; but baroque, classical, cubism, Dadaism, modernism, neoclassicism, postmodernism, romanticism.

Who first coined the term futurist?

Ossip Flechtheim

What’s another word for futuristic?

•ahead of one’s time (adjective) revolutionary, innovative, Pioneering, visionary.

What is a fancy word for amazing?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amazing, like: astonishing, incredible, astounding, marvelous, wondrous, fantastical, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, miraculous and fantastic.

What is futuristic approach?

Definition : Imagining, envisioning, projecting and/or predicting what has not been realized. Futuristic thinkers have the ability to look past the events of today and into the possibilities of tomorrow.