How do I transfer my Hong Kong visa to a new passport?

A transfer of endorsement application is required if a new passport is obtained. Such application will transfer the current visa from the old passport into the new passport or will issue a duplicate visa for the new passport in the event which the old passport is lost.

Can a non Chinese get HK passport?

If you are a foreign national permanent resident of Hong Kong you can consider, if you so desire, applying for a HKSAR passport, usually if your present country of origin does not offer you a convenient means to travel, needing visas for most any place that you might like to visit on a regular basis.

How do I transfer my US visa to a new passport?

U.S. visas cannot be transferred from one passport to another. You can travel to the United States with both passports, or you can apply for a new visa. As long as the four names match from the old passport to the new passport, and are in the same order, you may travel with both passports.

Can HK PR get HK passport?

Place of Application: In Hong Kong. A person is eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Passport if he/she is: a Chinese citizen; a permanent resident of the HKSAR; and.

How do I get a new visa stamp on my passport?

What is the procedure to get a new US visa stamped on new passport? You will have to apply for a new visa by paying the visa fee and making an appointment through our website. It’s likely you will qualify to use Interview Waiver Program (IWP), which means you won’t have to come in for an interview.

Can foreigners become Chinese citizens?

The Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China allows foreigners to try to become naturalized citizens if they have relatives who Chinese citizens, have settled in China, or “have other legitimate reasons.” If you’re relocating for work, a Chinese work visa or Z visa is your best bet.

What is your nationality if you were born in Hong Kong?

According to the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Chinese Nationality is acquired primarily through ancestry, not place of birth. Persons of Chinese descent, regardless of whether they were born in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong SAR are usually considered to be Chinese citizens.

Do I need to transfer my US visa to my new passport?

Do I need to apply for a new visa with my new passport? No. If your visa is still valid you can travel to the United States with your two passports, as long as the visa is valid, not damaged, and is the appropriate type of visa required for your principal purpose of travel.

Is my visa still valid if I get a new passport?

No, you do not need to apply for new visa. The visa will remain valid even if it is in your old, cancelled passport. Please note, however, that when travelling to the US, you will need to carry your new passport and your old passport with the valid US visa.

What does 3 stars mean on HKID?

The 3 stars on your HKID indicate that you are eligible for an HKSAR Re-entry permit. In this case, you are either a Chinese citizen or stateless. If you hold permanent residency of HKSAR but not Chinese citizenship, you HKID does not have ***. You are not eligible for an HKSAR Re-entry permit.

Is Hong Kong passport powerful?

According to the Henley Passport Index, in 2019 the Hong Kong SAR passport was ranked as the 19th most powerful passport worldwide, tied with Bulgaria; in contrast, the Macau SAR passport was ranked 36th, while the PRC passport was ranked 74th.

What do I need to apply for a new passport?

Get a complete, up-to-date list of all required documents needed to apply for a U.S. passport- plus important tips for new passports, passport renewals, child passports and passport replacements. Track My Order Travel Tips About Company Our Locations

What do I need to renew my passport if my name has changed?

Your most recent passport. If your name has changed, you’ll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate or a court order of your name change. The Passport Services Office returns the official documents you submit as supporting documentation. Renew your passport approximately nine months before it expires.

How can I find out how much it will cost to renew my passport outside the US?

Passport Fee calculator If you are outside the U.S., ask your U.S. Embassy or consulate what forms of payment they are able to accept. This applies to passport renewals or applications for new passports. Infographic: How to Get or Renew a U.S. Passport

How do I schedule an appointment for a passport renewal?

Enter your contact information and decide if you’d like to receive SMS text notifications. Review and confirm your information, then select “Schedule Appointment” to finalize. Take your printed receipt listing your confirmation number and appointment details.