How do I select a single value in SQL?

Introduction to SQL Server SELECT DISTINCT clause The query returns only distinct values in the specified column. In other words, it removes the duplicate values in the column from the result set. The query uses the combination of values in all specified columns in the SELECT list to evaluate the uniqueness.

What is a single value in a database record?

In the context of a relational database, a row—also called a tuple—represents a single, implicitly structured data item in a table. Each column expects a data value of a particular type.

What is single query in SQL?

The single query is one SELECT statement, whereas the compound query includes two or more SELECT statements. Compound queries are formed by using some type of operator to join the two queries. The UNION operator in the following examples is used to join two queries.

How do I return a single value from a function in SQL?

A Scalar-valued function in SQL Server 2012 is used to return a single value of any T-SQL data type. A CREATE FUNCTION statement is used to create a Scalar-valued function. The name of the function should not be more than 128 characters.

How do I get last 10 rows in SQL?

The following is the syntax to get the last 10 records from the table. Here, we have used LIMIT clause. SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM yourTableName ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10 )Var1 ORDER BY id ASC; Let us now implement the above query.

How do I find unique rows in SQL?

SQL SELECT DISTINCT Explanation SELECT DISTINCT returns only unique (i.e. distinct) values. SELECT DISTINCT eliminates duplicate values from the results. DISTINCT can be used with aggregates: COUNT, AVG, MAX, etc. DISTINCT operates on a single column.

What is ado net full form?

ActiveX Data objects for the . NET Framework (ADO.NET) is the latest database access technology from Microsoft. Although ADO.NET stands for Active Data Objects.NET, it’s perhaps misnamed because ADO.NET is not an ActiveX/Component Object Model (COM) technology.

What do we call a row in a database?

row—also called a tuple—represents a single, implicitly structured data item in a table. In simple terms, a databasetable can be thought of as consisting of rows and columns.

How do I get one record in SQL?


  1. SQL Server / MS Access Syntax: SELECT TOP number|percent column_name(s) FROM table_name.
  2. MySQL Syntax: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name.
  3. Oracle 12 Syntax: SELECT column_name(s)
  4. Older Oracle Syntax: SELECT column_name(s)
  5. Older Oracle Syntax (with ORDER BY): SELECT *

How do I have multiple rows in one row in SQL?

STUFF Function in SQL Server

  1. Create a database.
  2. Create 2 tables as in the following.
  3. Execute this SQL Query to get the student courseIds separated by a comma. USE StudentCourseDB. SELECT StudentID, CourseIDs=STUFF. ( ( SELECT DISTINCT ‘, ‘ + CAST(CourseID AS VARCHAR(MAX)) FROM StudentCourses t2.

What triggers SQL?

A SQL trigger is a database object which fires when an event occurs in a database. We can execute a SQL query that will “do something” in a database when a change occurs on a database table such as a record is inserted or updated or deleted. For example, a trigger can be set on a record insert in a database table.

How do I get top ten records in SQL?

How to obtain a single value from a database?

Obtaining a Single Value from a Database. You may need to return database information that is simply a single value rather than in the form of a table or data stream. For example, you may want to return the result of an aggregate function such as COUNT(*), SUM(Price), or AVG(Quantity).

How to find a single value in a table?

(If it is a single piece of mis-spelled data located in some column in some table, the solution will have to be a bit more ‘interesting’ than the above suggestions…) Thanks for the advice. It is actually a piece of mis-spelled data located in a column.

When to use a single value subquery in Java?

When the subquery returns a single value, the subquery is only evaluated once and then the value is returned to outer query to use. This kind of subqueries are also known as single-value subquery or scalar subquery. The subquery can be used in either SELECT statement or WHERE clause.

How to write subquery to return a single value?

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