How do I run commands in Mqsc?


  1. To use MQSC commands interactively, open a command window or shell and enter the following command: runmqsc QMgrName.
  2. Type in any MQSC commands, as required.
  3. Stop working with MQSC commands by entering the following command:

What are Mqsc commands?

MQSC commands enable you to perform administration tasks, for example defining, altering, or deleting a local queue object. MQSC commands and their syntax are described in the MQSC reference. You must use the runmqsc command from the installation associated with the queue manager that you are working with.

How do I use IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer?


  1. Create a queue manager: Open IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer.
  2. Create a local queue: Expand the queue manager you have just created and right-click queues.
  3. Define the server-connection channel: Right-click Channels.
  4. Run the listener. The listener is automatically started when the queue manager is configured.

How do I export messages from MQ Explorer?


  1. In the Navigator view, right-click WebSphere MQ, then click Export MQ Explorer settings… The Export dialog opens.
  2. Select Sets from the check boxes.
  3. Enter the file name and location for the compressed file that is created to store the exported queue manager sets.
  4. Click OK.

How do I open an MQ console?

The default URL to access the IBM MQ Console is https://localhost:9443/ibmmq/console . If the HTTP host or port is changed from the default, or if the HTTP port is enabled, you can determine the URL by using the dspmqweb command.

How do I start a MQ channel?

For outbound connections, you must start the channel in one of the following three ways:

  1. Use the MQSC command START CHANNEL, specifying the channel name, to start the channel as a process or a thread, depending on the MCATYPE parameter.
  2. Use the control command runmqchl to start the channel as a process.

How do I read MQ logs?

Viewing queue manager error log files by using the command line

  1. Enter the IBM® MQ administration mode by entering the following command: mqcli.
  2. Choose which queue manager error log file to view:
  3. Optional: Exit the IBM MQ administration mode by entering the following command:

What is the use of IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer?

WebSphere® MQ Explorer is the graphical user interface in which you can administer and monitor WebSphere MQ objects, whether they are hosted by your local computer or on a remote system.

Is IBM MQ Explorer free?

MQ Explorer allows you to administer and monitor IBM® MQ objects, whether they are hosted on your local computer or on a remote system. MQ Explorer is free to install, support is available to licensed IBM MQ customers – see the license agreement for details.

How do I export MQ Explorer settings?

Exporting settings

  1. To open the Export dialog, in the Navigator view, right-click IBM MQ, then click Export MQ Explorer settings….
  2. Select the check boxes for the types of settings that you want to export.

How do I move messages from one queue to another in MQ Explorer?

Moving messages to another queue manager

  1. From the Navigation Panel, navigate to the relevant queue manager.
  2. Click the arrow icon to the left of the relevant queue, and from the displayed list of options select Move Messages.

How do I set up MQ?

What is IBM WebSphere MQ queue Manger?

A queue manager manages the resources associated with it , in particular the queues that it owns. It provides queuing services to applications for Message Queuing Interface (MQI) calls and commands to create, modify, display, and delete IBM® WebSphere® MQ objects.

What is MQ service?

An MQ Service defines the interaction between IBM® Integration Bus and WebSphere MQ applications. You can create an MQ Service for each queue manager. An MQ Service definition is created for each MQ Service that you discover, and has the extension .service. The MQ Service definition specification describes the resources that you discover.

What is MQ server?

A WebSphere® MQ server represents a WebSphere MQ queue manager or (for WebSphere MQ for z/OS®) queue-sharing group.

What is IBM MQ Series?

MQ Series is a middleware from IBM, which is made up of three products: MQ Series Messaging, MQ Series Integrator and MQ Series Workflow. The purpose of MQ Series is to integrate other applications to work together.