How do I find my Ford Transit radio code?

Unlock the radio in your Ford Transit van from the seven digit serial number beginning with M or V. You will find the serial number printed on a label or by pressing 1 & 6 on the radio. All Ford Transit Van Radio Codes are shown on screen instantly.

How do I unlock my Ford Transit Connect radio?

To find the serial number required to unlock the radio in your Transit Connect, you can press and hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 or 2 & 6 on the front of the radio, text will scroll across the screen, your serial number is usually at the end beginning with M or V on most Sony and Visteon CD & Cassette players.

How do I reset my Ford Transit radio?

Firstly You will need to press the SYNC button to get to the main display. From there press the arrows until You get to the advanced menu. Once You are in the advanced menu scroll with the arrows until You see “Master Reset”. Highlight that and then press OK on the dash.

How do I find my radio code?

The best place to locate a radio code is in the owner’s manual of your car. In most cases, the owner’s manual will be located in your glove box and will include general automotive service and maintenance tips, along with instructions on how to operate each system on the vehicle.

How do I unlock my Ford radio?

Press 4 repeatedly for the fourth digit of your radio code. Once your radio code is showing on the display, you will need to store it & unlock the radio, to do this press & hold the number 5 button until you hear a beep.

How do I find my radio serial number?

Turn OFF the radio. Hold the preset buttons 1 & 6, whilst turning on your radio. A 10 digit serial number will appear on the radios display. There will be 10 characters in the radio serial number.

How do I find my radio security code?

Follow the listed 4 steps to find the radio code to your car’s stereo.

  1. Check Your Owner’s Manual. The best place to locate a radio code is in the owner’s manual of your car.
  2. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website.
  3. Visit your Local Dealership.
  4. Contact a Local Automotive Audio Installation Center.

How do I reset the code on my car radio?

Press the “Hour” button (or right arrow button) to set the first and second digits of the code. Release the button once the four-digit code is accurately displayed. Press the “Mode” button to lock in the code you set. Turn the stereo deck on by pressing the “Source” or “Power” button to complete the reset.

Where to find serial number on Ford Transit radio?

The serial can be found on the case label or in some cases, on the screen. For details, select one option below. Turn on the radio so that you can read “Code”. If you read “Enter code”, see Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for three seconds. With this, your unit starts scrolling different info for thirty seconds.

Where do I find the radio code on my Ford radio?

You can find this number on the radio screen (for models such as 6000 CD, Sony, 4500 RDS) or by removing the radio, on the case label (any model any fabrication year). All the Ford radio codes we supply are generated for free. The serial number is all that is needed to calculate the code for your Ford radio.

How can I unlock my Ford Transit radio?

All Ford Transit radio have a theft protection system which put the radio in locked status. In most cases, this system is a nuisance since it is activated every time the van’s power supply is cut off. Fortunately, if you wonder how to unlock your radio, you can generate the code for your Ford Transit online.

Is it possible to unlock a Ford radio without the activation code?

It is not possible to unlock and thus use a Ford radio without the unique activation code. The only way to break the code would be by manipulating the EPROM memory, but it is an infinitely more complex process than using our generator. The first digit of the code is entered using button 1.