How do I deal with the troll in The Witcher 2?

Though you can complete the quest immediately if you kill the troll, you should instead let him live (at least for now; you can kill it later if you want). Head back to Flotsam and talk to the sorceress Sile in her room above the inn. You should also talk to Zoltan at the inn itself.

How do you find out what happened to the She troll?

Geralt decided to question his acquaintances. The witcher learned that the female troll had been killed by one Dmitri, who then sold her head as a trophy to Sendler. It was that poacher who told Geralt that one of Dmitri’s men hung around the inn. Geralt headed for Flotsam.

Does the troll fix the bridge Witcher 2?

The troll typically keeps the bridge in good repair whilst charging for its use, but of late it has taken to vodka, allowing the bridge to fall into ruin whilst still aggressively demanding coin off travellers who approach it.

Should I take Loredo offer?

If you accept Loredo’s proposition, you will have an easier life in the later part of the game – a couple time you will come across guards that won’t want to let you pass (if you didn’t accept the proposition) or won’t make any problems.

What is the troll head in Roblox called?

The Troll Faic
The Troll Faic is a hat published to the Avatar Shop by Roblox on October 25, 2011. To obtain the Troll Faic, you would have needed the hat Opened Surly Gift of Sorcus where it would open and give you the hat.

Where can I find Sendler?

Sendler is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He is a merchant, craftsman, and dice poker player who can be found in a building with fish hanging outside, southwest of Anezka’s house in Lobinden.

How do I get silver ore in Witcher 2?

Silver ore is a crafting component that can be dismantled into silver and obtained by dismantling certain weapons, armor, and junk items. It is needed to craft the following items: Blunt crossbow bolt. Bolt with bait.

Can I fight Letho and spare him?

You can either kill Letho or let him live. You don’t gain anything by killing him though, but you can have “the final battle” which is compulsory for many games. If you spare him, then as the journal says his fate is “story for another time”.