How do I create a nintex form in SharePoint 2013?

Create NINTEX Form

  1. Click on the Employee Details link in the Quick Launch bar.
  2. Right-click on the “Name” field control and then click on Delete.
  3. Drag and drop the People control in the “Name” field.
  4. Double-click on the People control.
  5. Enter the Name then select the “Name” list column for “Connected to”.

How do I create a nintex form in SharePoint?

Steps for Creating a Form on a List:

  1. Create the list. From Site Contents -> Click Add an app.
  2. Create the columns that you plan to use.
  3. Locate the list and open it up.
  4. Click the Nintex Forms icon to bring up the Nintex Form designer.
  5. Click Publish, and when prompted by the pop-up click Publish again.

How do I enable nintex in SharePoint 2013?

From your top site level home page, access Site Settings (in SharePoint 2013, use the gear icon) . In the Site Collection Administration section, click Site collection features. Nintex Workflow: For each feature listed, in the sequence listed, click Activate to activate. Activate Nintex Workflow 2013.

What is nintex SharePoint?

In Sharepoint. Developed by Australian entrepreneurs, Brian Cook and Brett Campbell, Nintex is a workflow automation solution. Primarily used for SharePoint and Office 365, Nintex helps companies in 90 different countries automate processes on and between leading enterprise content management systems.

How do I access Nintex Forms?

Access the Nintex Forms designer

  1. Click the List tab.
  2. On the List tab ribbon/toolbar, in the Customize List section, click Nintex Forms. Note: If the list contains multiple content types, click the down arrow for Nintex Forms and then select the option for the form you want.
  3. Select the forms designer you want.

How do I enable Nintex Forms In SharePoint Online?

  1. Navigate to the Site Collection home page.
  2. Click the Settings Icon , and select Site Settings.
  3. In the Site Collection Administration group, click Site collection features.
  4. In the Nintex Forms for SharePoint List Forms section, click the Activate button.

How do I enable nintex?

Activate Nintex Workflow

  1. Click the settings icon ( ) on the upper right and then select Site settings to display the Site Settings page.
  2. Under Site Collection Administration , click Site collection features.
  3. To the right of Nintex Workflow 2016, click Activate.

How do I activate a feature in SharePoint 2013?

Activate features for sites

  1. Navigate to the site you want to configure.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. On the Site Settings page, under Site Actions, click Manage site features.
  4. Click Activate next to the feature you want to activate on the site, or click Deactivate if you want to turn off the feature on the site.

What are Nintex Forms used for?

Nintex Forms are a Microsoft SharePoint tool primarily used for collecting and validating user input into SharePoint lists and Nintex Workflows.

How do I activate Nintex?

What are Nintex forms?

Nintex Forms is a web based designer that enables forms to be created within SharePoint quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. Nintex Forms integrates seamlessly with Nintex Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications.

How do I create custom form in SharePoint?

To create an E-Form that submits SharePoint list items: Create a Custom Form with questions. Right click on the Custom Form and select the Submission Actions screen. In the Add New Action section, select the Create a new action of type: field and from the drop down menu, select Create Sharepoint List Item, as shown in the figure below. Click Commit.

Can you complete Nintex forms offline?

Nintex Forms is built on SharePoint which does not really offer offline functionality. NWC is always-on too and the new Forms designer brings awesome new features but still no offline functionality.