How do I complain about a dream?

Bank Holidays 10am to 4pm

  1. Chat with us.
  2. Send us an email.
  3. Call us on 0800 652 6750.
  4. or chat with us.
  5. Please call 028 9050 8300 or email [email protected].

How long do dreams take to deliver?

Our bedding and accessories will be delivered by courier service. Items are delivered to your door usually within 7-10 working days.

Can I cancel my dreams order?

If you would like to amend your order in any way, please contact us . Please note that certain goods may be subject to a cancellation charge.

Do dreams cash?

6.8 Payment can be credit or debit card, cheque (made payable to Dreams Limited) or cash, unless You are choosing one of Our finance options, in which case payment must be made in accordance with the relevant finance documentation.

What happens when you dream about numbers?

It’s believed that every number from one through nine has a different vibrational quality; To dream about these numbers could indicate a message is trying to coming through.

How can I track my dreams?

A dream journal (or dream diary) is a record of experiences that you dream about in your sleep. You can start by simply writing down what you remember from your dreams. As you go along, you can start to analyze what your dreams mean (especially if you keep having the same kinds of dreams over and over).

Why do mattresses take so long to ship?

Chain reaction of events lead to longer than ever wait times for furniture, mattresses. Unprecedented demand coupled with COVID-related issues has led to furniture delivery times stretching out upwards of six months, sometimes longer — and customers are getting frustrated with the long waits.

How long is dream refund?

If you bought the item as part of a linked saving offer (e.g. buy a bed for £999 and get £200 worth of free bedding), you must return both items to get a full refund….Refunds.

Refund Method Refund Time (after refund is issued)
Dreams Vouchers 3 to 5 business days
Cheque Up to 10 business days

How do I get my money back from a dream?

If you’ve placed your order online, it can be cancelled. We’ll make sure to refund you within 14 days from letting us know. You’ll be refunded on the card or payment method that you used to place your order. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer this service to our in-store customers.

How do you pay for dreams?

If you need to pay an outstanding balance on your order you can do this one of 3 ways: Through our website: You can make a payment at the store you placed your order in. You can contact us.

What are the phone numbers for Dreams time?

International: +1 615-771-5611 Toll Free (US, Canada): 800-243-1791 Fax (US): 615-734-0671 Regular business hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 7 PM EST Orders For orders by phone, check or bank wire please call or email us. Don’t forget to create an account first.

How to contact dreams help centre in UK?

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit To make a claim on your Bedcover or TYG service plan, please click here Please call 028 9050 8300 or email [email protected]

Is there a way to contact Dreamstime by email?

IMPORTANT: Before submitting please check your email filters to ensure you are able to receive email from “” otherwise our reply might not reach you. Due to home isolation measures taken by US authorities, we might be unable to take your calls for the time being.

How can I contact eDreams online customer support?

You can reach our online customer support team at our social media accounts by sending us a private message via Facebook or Twitter with the following details: your booking number, email address used in the booking and query/request described in detail.