How do I change the menu text color on my android toolbar?

Open the colors. xml file by navigating to the app -> res -> values -> colors. xml. Create a color tag inside the resources tag with a name and set a color with its hex code.

How do I change the color of my menu items?

If you want to set color for an individual menu item, customizing a toolbar theme is not the right solution. To achieve this, you can make use of android:actionLayout and an action view for the menu item. In the code snippet above, we use android:textColor=”? android:attr/colorAccent” to customize button text color.

How do I change text color in menu?

This example demonstrates how do I change the text color of the menu item in android. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main. xml.

How do you set a title color?

How to change title and Subtitle text color and size of ActionBar in Android? Go to Values/styles. xml copy this code to change the textcolor and actionbar background color. Note : For applying theme if you are not using the Support Library then change the AppCompat to Holo.

How do I customize my pop up menu on Android?


  1. Create a new project in Android Studio by navigating to File ⇒ New ⇒ New Project and fill required details. By default my activity is MainActivity.
  2. Open strings.
  3. Create activity_main.
  4. Now let’s create menu for Popup naming popup_menu.
  5. Now open your MainActivity.

How do I add menu bar?

  1. 15 Answers. 175.
  2. Make a menu xml. Right click the res folder and choose New > Android Resource File.
  3. Inflate the menu. @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu); return true; }
  4. Handle menu clicks.

How do I change the color of my navigation bar at the bottom?

Change icon Color of Selected Item in BottomNavigationView

  1. Bottom navigation should be used when an application has three to five top-level destinations. In the tab_color.
  2. Set tab_color.
  3. In the activity_main.
  4. Create navigation.
  5. Create tab_color.
  6. Create Fragment.

How do you change the color of your app name?

App icon and color

  1. From the app home page, click Settings.
  2. Under App icon & color, click Edit.
  3. Use the Update app dialog to select a different app icon. You can select a different color from the list, or enter the hex value for the color you want.

How do I change the color of my text bar title?

In the activity’s onCreate() method, call the activity’s setSupportActionBar() method, and pass the activity’s toolbar. This method sets the toolbar as the app bar for the activity. Add below codes in your Activity to set the text color to the Toolbar title.

How to change the text color of menu item?

Above code changes the text color of the menu action items for API >= v21. I used the html tag to change a single item’s text colour when the menu item is inflated. Hope it would be helpful.

How can I change the color of the menu overflow button?

That toolbar theme specifies a textColorPrimary and textColorSecondary to change the color of the title text and of the menu overflow button.

How to change text color in Android toolbar?

Incidentally, the Material Design Color Palette page seems to agree with me, using dark title text on the Lime color I’ve chosen, but using white on almost all other colors. So my Toolbar’s XML layout specifies a different theme (android:theme, or app:theme when using appcompat versions before 22.1.0), like so:

What’s the name of the new toolbar on Android?

Android’s new Toolbar, which replaces ActionBar (with some awkward code), makes it easier to change the title text color and the color of the menu overflow icon (and the Up/Back icon).