How can I recharge my iTel Mobile Dialer?

After login to your iTel Mobile Dialer, press on the ‘More’ section on the right bottom part of dialer screen. Now press ‘Request a Top Up’ and the Top Up window will appear where you will have to select Country, Operator, Service Type and enter the Mobile Number and Amount of TopUp. Then press ‘Next’.

What is operator code in iTel Mobile Dialer?

When an operator or a service provider registers with iTel Mobile Dialer Express for their company, a code termed as an operator code is assigned to them automatically. During the registration for this VoIP softphone app, the service provider gives information like softswitch IP, port number, and IVR extension.

How do I activate my iTel Mobile Dialer?

Detailed Download Configuration Procedure

  1. Open the link in the browser of your mobile phone.
  2. Select the manufacturer.
  3. Select the phone model.
  4. Click on the download link.
  5. Open the installed iTel Mobile Dialer Express from your handset’s ‘installation’ or ‘application’ or ‘my own folder’ section.

Is iTel a good brand?

itel is considered most trustworthy (42%) brand, followed by Samsung (39%) and Xiaomi (37%), the study reveals. In 2020, the role and significance of smartphone for human connectivity and digital inclusion was underlined.

Why dialer is not working?

Reset the Phone (Dialer) app To do that on Android, all you need is the clear the cache and data for the Phone app, and that’s one of the most effective ways of fixing app issues on Android. It just resets the functions of the app, and hopefully, it fixes the issue. Here’s what you need to do to reset the Phone app.

What is iTel switch?

iTel Switch Plus is a multi tasking Softswitch platform for worldwide Wholesale, Retail, Call shop & Calling card business. With a customizable and expandable VoIP Softswitch with integrated billing system, it works as an ideal platform for all VoIP service providers that want to offer a wide range of VoIP services.

What is TP smart operator code?

7dialer – TP Smart Dialer Operator Code : 245477… | Facebook.

How can I check my iTel call history?

Check Call Logs and Recordings with the User Portal

  1. Log in to the User Portal.
  2. Click “Call Monitor” on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Use the speaker to listen to a recording.
  4. Use the drive to download a recording.

Is Itel a Chinese company?

Itel Mobile is a China based mobile phone manufacturer company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The firm was founded by Lei Weiguo and Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Limited in March 2014.It mainly sold low budget smartphone and keyboardphone.

How is Itel a 37?

The itel A37 comes with a 5.71inches TFT capacitive touchscreen, 720 x 15200 resolution and 81.1% screen-to-body ratio. The Dual sim itel smartphone is powered by 32nm UniSoC Spreadtrum SC7731E CPU. It boasts of 16GB storage capacity and 1GB RAM.

What to do if Dialer is not working?

With my experience with the same issue on Android, here are the 7 easy ways to fix the dial pad not working during the call.

  1. Just reboot your phone.
  2. Reset the Phone (Dialer) app.
  3. Update the Phone app.
  4. Downgrade the Phone app.
  5. Install System Updates.
  6. Reset app preferences.
  7. Try another Phone Dialer app.

How do I reinstall dialer on Android?

If so, go to Settings>Apps>Disabled, select Dialer, and tap Enable. If there isn’t a Disabled list, go to Settings>Apps>All​, and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Disabled apps. In Samsung the app is called “Phone” that you want to restore/add back to your home screen.

What does Itel Mobile Dialer Express do for You?

iTel Mobile Dialer Express lets you make VoIP calls and send SMSs over IP, from your data enabled mobile phone (3G/4G,Wifi). End users need an Operator Code, which can be obtain from a VoIP Service Provider, while Service Providers can use this White Label Platform to offer Mobile VoIP services in their own brand.

How to get free trial of Itel mobiledialer?

For a free trial: •Visit •Register for a free Demo with details of your softswitch (IP, Port) & we will send you a Demo Operator Code for testing the mobile app on your own softswitch. The Demo Code can also be used by your customers, followed by their SIP Account details (Username & Password) provided by you.

Is there an Itel app for the Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app for iPhone and other smartphones, offering a range of functionalities like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging, automated Calling Card usage and much more from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi).

Where do I get the operator code for Itel?

1. Operator Code – Collect Operator Code from your VoIP service provider. If the Service Provider is using REVE platform, he will be able to provide a valid Operator Code. 2. Mobile Number – to be entered with country code. 3. Password – Received via SMS / IVR after entering your mobile number.