How can I get access to ProQuest?

AccessGo to the library homepage at Article Databases.Scroll down to Proquest Databases and click it.Enter your college login and password if you’re asked to.

What does ProQuest cost?

A normal annual subscription costs $299.95 ($199.95 for the first year) or $29.95 a month. The subscription includes full-text access to all articles in the system, no “specialty articles.” Though Cengage now owns HighBeam, it does not supply all its content through this outlet.

Who runs ProQuest?

ProQuestProQuest headquarters 789 E. Eisenhower Pkwy., Ann Arbor, MI 48104Founded1938HeadquartersAnn Arbor, Michigan, U.S.Key peopleAndy Snyder, Chairman Matti Shem-Tov, CEO Robert VanHees, CFOParentCambridge Information Group4

Is ProQuest credible?

ProQuest is a database that collects articles, dissertations, and other publications and puts them online for people to read. Two features make ProQuest reliable. First, libraries pay for it. Second, the articles collected in the ProQuest database have been through a quality control process.

What does ProQuest stand for?

ProQuest LLC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based global information-content and technology company that provides solutions, applications, and products for libraries. Its resources and tools support research and learning, publishing and dissemination, and the acquisition, management and discovery of library collections.

What is ProQuest?

ProQuest Central is the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text database available in the market today. This resource provides access to 47 of ProQuest’s complete databases, with a variety of content types across over 175 subjects, making this the broadest single research resource in the world.

What kind of source is ProQuest?

ProQuest databases provides a single source for scholarly journals, newspapers, reports, working papers, and datasets along with millions of pages of digitized historical primary sources and more than 450,000 ebooks.

How do I find an article on ProQuest?

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Is ProQuest a journal?

ProQuest Journals – Online Journals & Magazines – LibGuides at COM Library.

Who runs ERIC database?

ERIC is an internet-based digital library of education research and information sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. ERIC provides access to bibliographic records of journal and non-journal literature from 1966 to the present.

Is ProQuest peer reviewed?

Most (but not all) scholarly publications are peer reviewed. Instead, ProQuest excludes these peer reviewed trade publications and only considers publications that are scholarly in terms of content, intent, and audience.

How do you cite ProQuest?

Author Last name, First name. “Title of Article.” Original Source of Article, volume #, issue #, Date of Original Source, page number(s). ProQuest. URL.

What function can you use on ProQuest to help you create a source citation?

On the left side of the record screen, click “Cite.” A list of citations will pop up in the center of the screen (scroll down to find the style that you need). Highlight the citation, then copy/paste it where needed. ProQuest: Click the article (or book) title in the database.

How do you cite a ProQuest dissertation in APA?

To cite a published dissertation in APA 7th edition, you need to include: Author, A. A. (Year). Title of doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis (Publication number, if available) [Doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis, Institution]. Publisher.

How can I get access to ProQuest?


  1. Go to the library homepage at
  2. Click Article Databases.
  3. Scroll down to Proquest Databases and click it.
  4. Enter your college login and password if you’re asked to.

What does ProQuest allow you to email?

You can also Email or Print any selected records. Save records to a bibliographic manager like RefWorks or New RefWorks (subscription and account required) or Save a copy of the record to one of the supported file formats.

What does ProQuest offer to students?

ProQuest Student gives access to a variety of sources, types of content, and multiple subjects using an interface that has won awards as innovative and easy to use. With the highest percentage of full text content available, users will find scholarly articles, newspapers, and popular topics without frustration.

What is ProQuest good for?

ProQuest solutions are designed to help libraries stretch their resources – whether it’s staff time or budget – increasing their capacity to serve more needs within their existing infrastructure. Our multi-disciplinary and multiformat databases reduce resource administration and lower cost per use.

Is ProQuest a free database?

As part of our goal to improve access to subscription and open access content, on July 30, 2020, libraries with at least one ProQuest Platform database will have the Publicly Available Content Database added to their subscriptions at no charge.

What type of database is ProQuest?

What is ProQuest? ProQuest is a collection of many databases that provide access to thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, and other publications.

Is it true that ProQuest suggests topics to assist you in your search?

1) ProQuest databases will suggest subjects you could use in a search. It will do this via a drop-down, auto-complete box while you are typing your search in, or with a Suggested subjects box after the search is executed, as shown below.

How do I select all results in ProQuest?

Click the checkbox labeled Select all above the results list to add all documents on the current results page. You may choose to view 20, 50, or 100 items in each results page by selecting those options at the bottom right of the results page.

What is ProQuest newsstand?

ProQuest Newsstand Professional is a collection of leading newspapers and wire services with geographic reach throughout the United States and around the world. Many titles are in full text, with in-depth coverage of each issue, with a browseable index for companies, industries, people and geographies.

What kind of database is ProQuest?

Is ProQuest a reliable database?

Full Details. This database is a part of the larger ProQuest Central Journals Collection subscribed to by the University. It offers reliable, comprehensive coverage of the fields of nursing and allied health including journals, video, dissertations, reference books and more.

What databases are included in ProQuest?

ProQuest Central features scholarly journals, and professional journals in all the fields within social and political sciences with complete resources such as Criminal Justice Database, Education Database, Library Science Database, Linguistics Database, Political Science Database, Social Science Database, and Sociology …