How can I book government water tanker in Hyderabad?

HMWS&SB customers can book a tanker either on the water board’s portal (, mobile app or by dialling 155313, which run a call-centre Metro Customer Care'(MCC).

What is the cost of water tanker in Hyderabad?

Consumer categories, number of tankers that they can book tanker and their respective charges

Consumer Category Limitations on No. of water Tankers Rate per Tanker (Rs.)
COMMERCIAL and All other categories 1 in one day (or) maximum 30 in month 850

What is CAN number HMWSSB?

To find your CAN (Consumer Account Number) this is a 9 digit number and holds all the consumer information. CAN acts as a key link between consumer & our HMWSSB.

How can I get free water in Hyderabad?

Domestic users with already installed metres will need to link Aadhaar to their connections by August 15 to avail the scheme. They will get a rebate on water bill till August. To be eligible for the scheme, customers need to have Aadhaar linked to their Consumer Account Number (CAN) and have a running water metre.

What is the cost of water tanker?

Each tanker now costs anywhere between Rs 500-900 for supplying 6,000 litres of water. The charges depend on the proximity as well as the locality.

What does a water tank do?

A water tank is a container for storing water. Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses.

Can we drink manjeera water?

The manjeera supply streaming out of taps in most Hyderabadi households is not fit for drinking. Apart from organic waste (sewage), this `potable’ water is also dangerously infected with pesticides, faeces, oil, grease and heavy metals.

How can I get new water connection in Hyderabad?

Only thing one has to do is to submit the application online by uploading Documents, latest Building photos with Date on it by visiting web site /customer servicecenter, produce the required documents to the inspecting officer visiting your house &to pay the amounts towards connection & other …

How do I check my Nairobi water bill via SMS?

To check your water bill by SMS, compose a text message with your Nairobi Water account number and send it to 20557. You will receive a message detailing your current bill.

What is the minimum water bill in Hyderabad?

90/- per month for water charges per flat and sewerage cess @ 35% will be charged on water charges minimum monthly charges per flat will be Rs. 121.50/- per month.

Do we need to pay water bill in Hyderabad?

Generally, the monthly bill for consuming up to 20 KL water is around Rs 323. With the new scheme in place, consumption up to 20KL per month will be free, and that above 20 KL will be charged as per applicable tariff with effect from December 2020.

How do I start a water tanker business?

Below are essential tips to start a business with water tanks.

  1. Conduct some market research.
  2. Have a clear business plan.
  3. Determine your finances.
  4. Choose your water tank business structure.
  5. Register the name you have selected for your water tank business.
  6. Obtain permits and licenses.