Everything you need to know about Terpometer

Say farewell to dab coughing because technology has bestowed you upon with a solution to stop burning your oil extracts. With a terpometer, you’d become a professional in heating your extracts to the exact point where it can provide climaxed enjoyment.

What is Terpometer?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is actually a laser thermometer that is exclusively programmed for dabbing. It gives digital readings of the surface it comes in contact with. You can put it on your bangers and find out the optimal temperature of your oil extracts.

The embedded LCD indicates the accurate temperature of the surface along with different color indications to let you know when the product is ready. Red indicates the over-heated surface, while green indicates the ideal temperature to apply the extract for the perfect flavor.

Who would have thought that you could actually do that in precision without having to guess the temperature? But now, with Terpometer the ideal flavor is a possibility every time.


  • Portable built.
  • The LCD (Showing accurate surface temperature).
  • Screen illumination (Different colors let you know the optimal temperature to apply extracts).

Terpometer Vs Temperature Guns — which is better?

Various myths roam around regarding both products but let us bust those myths for you. A temperature gun remotely estimates the banger’s temperature which can sometimes cause a sensory error.

On the other hand, a terpometer comes in direct contact with the concerned area and gives a relatively accurate reading. Moreover, unlike temperature guns, it gives the actual surface temperature where your extracts are going to be placed.

Terpometer compensates for a 60-degree drop in temperature after adding the extract. Due to this automated feature, it surpasses any temperature measuring device.

Therefore, as per these terpometer reviews, it is quite better than our traditional temperature guns.

How do you know the optimal temperature? — Terpometer color guide

The optimal temperature is usually based upon personal preferences. For instance, the cooler temperatures preserve the rich flavor of the extracts while the higher temperature will give you sharp hits with lesser flavor.

As per the illuminating display, three colors define certain temperature ranges: Green (540°F – 600°F) Red (Above 600°F), and Blue (Below 540°F). However, a green light will indicate the optimal temperature for vaping.

For some people, the blue range between 315°F to 450°F is considered better than the green range. While for some the hotter the better. It all depends upon personal choice.

Moreover, each banger heats up to the right temperature in a different amount of time. Therefore, be sure to consider the material of the banger before the vaping process.

Word of caution: No matter how hot you want to keep the dab but make sure that it is within the hazardous limit. Temperature above 900°F will release cancer-causing toxins.

Things you should remember about Terpometer — User guide

  • Unlike vaping instruments that require Five-click activation, Terpometer is activated only in Three brief pushes.
  • Even if you’ve left it on, you don’t need to worry. It possesses an auto-turn-off feature, which when detects no major changes in thermal readings turns off automatically.
  • Some people may find the body a little bulkier. For them, removing the detachable concentrate tool can slim it a little bit.
  • It possesses both the metric system; Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can convert to either of them by holding the power button for just three seconds.
  • It not only saves your precious dab but also the banger you are cooking in. You wouldn’t need to clean the persistent stains caused by overheating.
  • Use cotton dipped in alcohol to clean the discolored tip of your terpometer and the concentrate tool.