Easysplitter: Reviews and ratings

Whether you’re looking to remix a song and need to separate the vocals from the instrumental track or you want to make a karaoke version of a track, EasySplitter can get the job done quickly and seamlessly. Rather than working with a tool that isolates frequencies and leaves you with a grainy result that doesn’t quite work for your project, EasySplitter uses artificial intelligence to accurately extract vocals and split songs into separate STEMs: vocal, instrumental, drums, and bass.

With a fast processing speed, you can hear the results through the built-in audio player in a matter of seconds without any audio quality loss. The process only takes a few clicks and the smart UI is easy to get the hang of. After you sign in, just push the blue button at the bottom of the account dashboard to split into two or four STEMs, depending on what project you’re working on. In just a few seconds, you’ll have all versions of the song immediately available to you on both web and mobile and you can store it right in EasySplitter’s cabinet. They’ll be kept there for 30 days, so you can work on them without opening external drives or folders for up to a month. After that, you’ll need to store them elsewhere.

Why to Choose EasySplitter?

Easysplitter Pro is one of the best-known applications in the music industry when we talk about splitting vocals and instrumentals. It is used by many professional music artists, and it is a trusted and safe application that assures us with quality. You can use it for free for a certain period of time, and then you can purchase and pay. They have got several offers, and you can pay them through any platform you want to.

EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover is an intuitive tool that lets you split songs into separate STEMs quickly and automatically. The AI-based vocal remover splits any song into four STEMs: Vocal, Instrumental, Drums, and Bass. With the fastest processing speed on the market, you can split songs faster than ever and play each split song in real-time using the built-in audio player. You’ll quickly see that you’ll enjoy the vocals without any audio quality loss.

All functions sync between web and mobile versions so you can work effortlessly between devices with the file history on hand at all times. Plus, all files can be downloaded at any time.

Easysplitter is always concerned with its customers and gives their 100% in assuring safe, quality outputs. Customers always wish for such an application and outputs.

STEMs in Easysplitter and all you need to pay

  1. You have to pay the price according to the usage. It clearly signifies that they are charging you only for the work they do and nothing else. Their STEMs process is like 2 STEMs and 4 STEMs. Let’s briefly have a look and see the payment method for both of them.
  2. When you have opted for 2 STEMs, you want to split vocals and instrumentals only. Then you have to pay a lesser amount of money as you want only 2 to be split.
  3. When you have opted for 4 STEMs, you want to split instrumentals, drums, vocals, and bass. Then you have to pay a comparatively more amount of money. In this case, everything present in a song or audio file can be split, and you can have a separate version of everything after downloading. That is quite amazing.

Other features of Easysplitter

  1. Easysplitter Pro has the best and cheap purchase options for you that are convenient and fall within your budget.
  2. Easysplitter is easy to use as the name itself indicates and can split your audio within a few seconds. There is no need to learn about this application. Rather it teaches you step by step about what to do further by providing different options.
  3. Fast processing: Enables users to divide the song much quicker.
  4. Mobile & Web synchronization: All applications have the web variant, plus files saved in the web version will be free for the mobile app
  5. Virus-free: Finished with the most accurate code & was examined by professionals to bypass any bugs
  6. Audio without mode loss: Enables users to extract vocals from music without any audio tone loss
  7. Data history: Reserve extract audio data so you can obtain it anytime
  8. Simple & Beautiful & UI: Smart UI enables users to learn how to go with a splitter in only a few seconds.

Reviews and ratings

This application has good reviews over the play store and has an above average rating of 3.4 out of 5. The reviews and ratings of an application tell us a lot about the application, its features and limitations, advantages and disadvantages, and much more.

So before purchasing, you must definitely look at the ratings and read the reviews of the customers. You will get clear about the product or application you are going to use. Easysplitter Pro has great reviews over every platform that tells you about the quality of the application.