Does MAXQDA work on Mac?

MAXQDA is the first state-of-the-art QDA software in the world available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Which is better nvivo or MAXQDA?

Nvivo is good for languages that alphabets are like English language and MAXQDA is very nice for those languages that their alphabets are not similar to English language.

Is MAXQDA easy to use?

MAXQDA | Qualitative Analysis Software | Powerful and Easy-to-use.

How do I cancel my MAXQDA license?

Deactivate MAXQDA 12 or MAXQDA 11 (Windows / Mac) Open MAXQDA and click “Help > Deactivate license on this computer”. Due to technical reasons a deactivated license of MAXQDA 11 for Windows license can NOT be reactivated on the same computer.

Which software is preferable for qualitative data analysis?

Best Qualitative Data Analysis Software

  • HubSpot.
  • Quirkos.
  • Qualtrics.
  • Raven’s Eye.

How much does Maxqda cost?

MAXQDA for educational institutions: Prices (Single User, Portable, Network)

Annual Subscription $174 $197
Perpetual License $520 $590

What is thematic analysis example?

A thematic analysis strives to identify patterns of themes in the interview data. An example of an explorative study could be conducting interviews at a technical workplace in order to obtain an understanding of the technicians’ everyday work lives, what motivates them, etc.

How do I activate MAXQDA?

How does the activation work? This is very simple: in every document’s or document group’s context menu you will see the option Activate right at the top. More experienced MAXQDA users will simply click the document or folder symbol to activate a document or a document group.

How do I transfer my MAXQDA to another computer?

Open MAXQDA and click “? > License > License transfer/return > Transfer license”. Due to technical reasons a deactivated license of MAXQDA 11 for Windows license can NOT be reactivated on the same computer. If the “License Transfer” button is greyed out, please make sure to start MAXQDA with admin rights.

What is the best free qualitative data analysis software?

So, what are the Top free qualitative research software? NVivo, ATLAS. ti, Provalis Research Text Analytics Software, Quirkos, MAXQDA, Dedoose, Raven’s Eye, Qiqqa, webQDA, HyperRESEARCH, Transana, F4analyse, Annotations, Datagrav are some of the Top free research Qualitative Data Analysis Software.

What is the most important benefit of software in qualitative analysis?

Findings: Advantages of using qualitative data analysis software include being freed from manual and clerical tasks, saving time, being able to deal with large amounts of qualitative data, having increased flexibility, and having improved validity and auditability of qualitative research.

Is MAXQDA free for students?

We support research methods trainers with free course licenses for their students. Each student will receive a personal MAXQDA license (MAXQDA Analytics Pro) to use on their private computer for the duration of the course.

When did MAXQDA data analysis software come out?

MAXQDA is a professional software solution for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods data analysis – for both Windows and Mac – used by thousands worldwide. Released in 1989, it has a long history of providing researchers with powerful and easy-to-use analytical tools to help make every research project a success.

How to use MAXQDA for qualitative analysis?

Use our qualitative analysis software and integrate quantitative methods or data into your project. Link qualitative data to demographic variables, quantify the results of qualitative analyses or calculate statistical frequencies.

How long does The MAXQDA trial last for?

Your trial will end automatically after 30 days, unless you activate the software with a purchased serial number. Special offer: The MAXQDA trial version is now valid for 30 days instead of the usual 14. By downloading you accept our terms and conditions and revocation policy.

How is MAXQDA used to speed up transcription?

MAXQDA has extended transcription functions with which you can adapt the speed or the sound volume of your audio and video files and use foot pedals to speed up the transcription. Media clips are treated like any other segments in MAXQDA.