Does LIC have fixed deposit?

LIC Fixed Deposit Features Deposit Amount : LIC Housing Finance FD can be opened with an amount as a low to up to No Limit. FD Tenure : Ranges between 18 months to 5 years. Interest Rate Range : 5.25% p.a. to 5.75% p.a. Senior Citizens FD Rate : 5.50% p.a to 6.00% p.a.

What is lic interest rate?

LICFixed Deposit. 5.25% -6.00% Interest rates. 1 Year – 5 Years. Time Period.

How can I get fd in LIC?

Documents Required to Open a Fixed Deposit Account with LIC Housing Finance Ltd.

  1. The application form duly filled out.
  2. Identity proof (PAN card)
  3. Address proof.
  4. KYC documents.

What is the interest on 1 lakh in fixed deposit?

Monthly Interest for ₹1 Lakh Fixed Deposit for Non-Senior Citizens

Investment Tenor (In Years) Interest rate offered Total Interest Earned
1 Year 5.51% ₹5,510
2 Years 5.94% ₹11,880
3 Years 6.31% ₹18,930
4 Years 6.31% ₹25,240

How much interest will I get for 20 lakhs fixed deposit?

If you opt for a ₹20 lakh, non-cumulative, 12-month FD with a bank at an interest rate of 5.15%, it will fetch you ₹8,583.33 in interest gains per month. At this same rate of interest, you will earn ₹25,750 quarterly, ₹51,500 half-yearly, and ₹1.03 lakh on a yearly basis.

How much interest will I get for 10 lakhs fixed deposit?

On the other hand, the monthly interest on a ₹10 lakh FD in a bank usually ranges from 2.9% – 5.15% per annum. For example, at an interest rate of 5.15%, a non-cumulative, 12-month tenor for ₹10 lakh Bank FD will fetch you ₹4,291.67 per month.

How many years FD will double in LIC?

Let’s say the interest offered on FD is 6.95%. Now applying the rule, just divide the number 72 by the rate of interest. So 72/6.95 = 10.36. So it will take a little more than 14 years for one’s investment to get doubled in LIC Housing Finance.

What is interest payable on LIC fixed deposit?

Interest payable on LIC Fixed Deposit will be 1% less than the rate applicable for which the deposit was invested with LIC. If the FD interest rate has not been given for such tenure option, then the LIC FD interest payable will be 2% less than the lowest FD rate provided by LIC Housing Finance.

Which is the FD calculator for LIC Housing Finance fixed deposit?

Using the FD calculator for LIC Housing Finance Fixed Deposit, interested applicants may check for the estimated maturity amount as per the prevailing interest rates. This tool is available at and can be used free of charge for any number of times.

Which is the current interest rate of LIC Housing Finance?

Interest rates are subject to change and rate applicable will be the rate prevalent on the date of credit of cheque/Transfer in company’s Bank Account. *FOR RATE OF INTEREST ON DEPOSITS OF ABOVE ₹ 20 CRORES: PLEASE CONTACT OUR CORPORATE OFFICE.

When did LIC start the Fixed Deposit Scheme?

Other than this, LIC started fixed deposit scheme or Sanchay Public Deposit Scheme in the year 2007 to fulfill the needs of its customers and give them the option to earn from their own savings.