Does Hong Kong airport have a hotel inside?

Passengers Directly connected to Hong Kong International Airport by an enclosed walkway, Regal Airport Hotel provides comfortable rooms, meeting and conference facilities, 6 restaurants and bars, as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

Are there places to sleep in Hong Kong airport?

Sleeping in Hong Kong Airport

  • Take the stairs near Gate 23 to a relaxation room with comfortable reclining seats.
  • A relaxing bed near Gate 214.
  • Terminal 1, at Gate 26, there are some permanently-reclined lounge chairs located behind the bathrooms and water station, facing the tarmac.

Can I get a shower at Hong Kong airport?

Freshen up at the free shower facilities Freshen up with an invigorating shower at the airport’s free 24-hour shower facilities. Located near Gate 22 in Terminal 1, the showers are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Perfectly clean, the only downside is that there are no towels provided, so remember to bring your own.

Is there WIFI in Hong Kong airport?

Wi-Fi & Internet Access With a Wi-Fi enabled device, passengers can enjoy free wireless internet access at most of the seating and public areas in our passenger terminals. No registration is required. For more information or support, please refer to our leaflet or contact our service hotline at +852 2188 7799.

Can you transit through Hong Kong during Covid 19?

Passengers travelling from anywhere in the Chinese Mainland (with the exception of the Guangdong province) are required to present a negative result PCR test for COVID-19, the sample for which must have been taken within 3days of the scheduled day of arrival at Hong Kong, and have a separate document (in English or …

Can I layover in Hong Kong?

Top Things to Do During a Layover in Hong Kong. If your layover is less than 5 hours, you are not recommended to leave the airport as it takes at least 45 minutes to travel to and from Hong Kong International Airport, and you will need to return 2 hours before your next flight.

Does Cathay Pacific provide hotel stay for long layovers?

Cathay’s flights originate from LAX, SFO, and NYC. For economy class passengers Cathay does not provide free meals or hotels during transit in Hong Kong. For passengers with long layovers, you can take advantage of the Plaza Airport Lounge which is open to all.

Can I pay for airport lounge?

That’s right, nowadays even if you are flying economy and have absolutely no airline loyalty, you can pay to enter a new style of pay-per-use lounges. PAY-PER-USE LOUNGES are first class lounges that are open to ALL travellers regardless of airline flown – for a relatively small fee.

Who can enter Hong Kong right now?

Hong Kong’s new rules Hong Kong has banned all noncitizens and nonresidents since the spring of 2020. For the most part, citizens and residents could enter the city after serving 14- to 21-day quarantines.

Can I transit through Hong Kong airport?

Transiting through Hong Kong They meet the entry requirements of their final destination; They have their baggage checked through to the final destination; They have been issued their onward boarding pass(es) from their origin; and. The connection time between flights is within 24 hours.

Can you leave the Hong Kong airport during a layover?

Is there a transit hotel in Hong Kong?

However, sometimes, after a long haul flight, and faced with the prospect of another one, all you really need is to get horizontal and have a restorative sleep. Unlike many of the other major airport hubs, Hong Kong airport does not have a dedicated transit hotel airside.

What is the closest airport to Hong Kong?

Closest airport to Hong Kong is Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Distance from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong is 16.8 miles / 27.0 kilometers.

Where to stay in Hong Kong?

Tsim Sha Tsui, at the tip of the Kowloon peninsula, is the main tourist area, and is one of the best places to stay in Hong Kong if you’re looking for reasonably priced accommodation.