Does driver loft affect spin?

Per ° loft, the spin of the driver changes by about 400-500 rpm. The more loft, the higher the spin. You should consider this aspect before you change driver loft. The spin contributes significantly to the overall length.

What loft setting should I use on my driver?

Choose a loft to try based on your assessed club-head speed. If it is between 95 and 104 mph, a 10- or 11-degree loft will be appropriate. If it is between 105 and 115 mph, a loft between 7 and 9 degrees should be considered. Golfers with club-head speeds below 85 mph should use a loft angle between 14 and 20 degrees.

Does more driver loft increase spin?

And the easiest way to achieve these more optimal launch conditions is to use a driver with more loft. As you can see, the higher launch angle (+3.2 degrees) and spin rate (+356 rpm) created a shot that carried 26.1 yards farther despite a small loss in ball speed (-2.1 mph).

What year did the Ping Rapture driver come out?

The Rapture series of golf clubs from Ping debuted in the marketplace in late 2006 and included Rapture drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Is a higher loft driver easier to hit?

The answer to our question is a higher lofted driver easier to hit is yes. If you are a slow swinging golfer who needs the added loft to help you consistently launch your ball high and far off the tee.

How much does 1 degree of loft affect distance driver?

Dynamic loft is a combination of actual clubhead loft and angle of attack, (AoA). Once you have reached your maximum clubhead speed, a change of 1 degree of effective loft can amount to somewhere between 2 and 4 yards with a driver depending on your BALL speed.

Are Ping G15 irons any good?

The PING G15 irons are ideal for anyone looking for top-quality game-improving irons that will aid their progression. The large heads produce a penetrating flight, particularly compared with many game-improvement irons, which tend to hit the ball very high, but lose distance.

Are Ping Rapture any good?

The Ping Rapture irons looked great and performed very well. All through the set, each club was very forgiving and easy to hit. The feel however was not as good as it could be, although it was not bad by any means….Ping Rapture Irons – Product Details.

UK Launch 01 September 2008
Manufacturer’s Website Ping Website

Why did Ping come up with the K15 driver?

Slicing the ball is one of the most common problems in golf and fixing it can be difficult. That’s why the PING K15 driver was created. The K15 is designed for maximum forgiveness and to keep spin low, reducing the chances of landing in the rough.

How does reducing spin loft help your driver?

If you want to really smash your driver a long way, reducing spin loft will help. By reducing the spin-loft angle, we can increase ball speed (smash factor) and reduce spin rate – potentially AWESOME for longer drives.

What does SFT mean on a ping K15?

Unlike the G15 or I15, the K15 features what PING calls “Straight Flight Technology” or SFT. SFT is PING-speak for “we moved 10% of the total clubhead mass toward the heel of the club”. PING has made that extra weight visible via a slight bumpout which is visible on the clubhead (occasionally so at address).

Which is better the I15 or the K15?

While the I15 is for better players, and the G15 is probably a good fit for most of the rest of the golfing population, the K15 is specifically designed to help those golfers who struggle to contain their big fade, or slice as it’s more commonly called.