Do they still make Big Blue Soda?

Big Blue is a Big Red soda flavor that was released alongside Big Orange in stores in November 2008….

Big Blue
Flavor: Blue Crème
Color: Blue
Current Status: Permanent Flavor

What is the difference between Big Red and Big Blue?

Big Red has a big more sugar per ounce than Coke, but Big Blue has about a third more than Big Red. Big Red says that it has natural and artificial flavor. Big Blue only claims artificial flavor.

When was big blue soda made?

November 2008
After its soft launch in November 2008, Big Blue has been anything but quiet.

Is Big Blue a cream soda?

What is Big Blue soda? Big blue soda is a blue cream soda made by the Soda company ‘Big Red’. It has the flavor of a cream soda which tastes like vanilla ice cream and is completely light blue in color.

What flavor is big peach?

Big Peach
A Big Peach Bottle.
Flavor: Peach
Color: Orange

What states is Big Red soda sold in?

For the longest time, Big Red was only sold in Texas, but now can be found in southern Indiana and in Kentucky.

Why is Big Red so good?

Though Big Red has classically been marketed as a “red cream soda”, its flavor is described as “deliciously different” for a good reason. The unique taste of the soda has been compared to everything from bubblegum to cotton candy. The real flavor is a combination of lemon and orange oil along with vanilla.

Why is IBM nicknamed Big Blue?

What Is Big Blue? Big Blue is a nickname used since the 1980s for the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). 1 The moniker may have arisen from the blue tint of its early computer displays, or from the deep blue color of its corporate logo.

What happened big peach soda?

Item is no longer available. Contains no juice. Naturally & artificially flavored.

What is big peach soda?


When did Coca Cola come out with Zero Sugar?

In Israel, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Luxembourg as Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine Free since the start of 2011 and in the US since July 2013. Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Sugar. 2007. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with cherry flavor.

What does the Coca Cola Zero logo look like?

The original Coca-Cola Zero logo generally featured the Coca-Cola logo in red script with white trim, with the word “zero” underneath in lower case in the geometric typeface Avenir (or a customized version of it). These words appeared on a black background. Some details varied from country to country.

Who is the maker of Big Red soda?

Its flavor, though often thought to be bubble gum, is created by cherry and soda. Big Red is produced and distributed by various independent soft drink bottlers including Keurig Dr Pepper, CCE, and Pepsi Bottling Group under license from Big Red, Inc., based in Austin, Texas .

When did Big Red soft drink come out?

Big Red (soft drink) Big Red is a soft drink created in 1937 by Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark in Waco, Texas and originally known as Sun Tang Red Cream Soda.