Did the Home Guard get medals?

The Home Guard was part of the British Army and, as such, any member of the Home Guard has the same medal entitlement as a member of the regular army. Unfortunately as the Home Guard did not serve overseas the only medal which they were definitely entitled to was the Defence Medal.

Did the Home Guard have a cap badge?

Eventually all Home Guards were given full uniform. The Home Guard uniform was modelled on that of regular soldiers. The badge in the cap was that of the regiment and a Home Guard badge was sewn onto the right sleeve.

How do I find my Home Guard records?

To access records held by The National Archives you will either need to visit us, pay for research (charges apply) or, where you can identify a specific record reference, order a copy (charges apply). To access records held in other archives please contact the archives directly.

Did the Home Guard get paid?

Members of the Home Guard still did their regular jobs and then drilled and patrolled around their work. They were not paid.

Who was in the Home Guard ww2?

The Home Guard (initially Local Defence Volunteers or LDV) was an armed citizen militia supporting the British Army during the Second World War….Home Guard (United Kingdom)

Home Guard initially “Local Defence Volunteers”
Branch British Army
Role Defence from invasion
Notable commanders Sir Edmund Ironside

What is the cap badge in Dads Army?

A badge set containing the insignia worn by the character Captain Mainwaring in the TV series and film Dads Army, as Platoon commander of the of fictional Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard. Fix to your 1937 Officer’s battle dress tunic and peak cap to portray the popular character from the series.

Are There Home Guard records?

Information contained within the Home Guard records is very limited. With a few exceptions it normally consists of one double sided A4 sheet of paper (Army Form W3066) containing personal details on enlistment and very little else. No details are held of the duties performed by an individual during his service.

Who served in the Home Guard?

Home Guard World War 2. The Home Guard were volunteers who defended the five thousand miles of Britain coastline in the event of an invasion by Germany. They were originally called the Local Defence Volunteers.

Is Home Guard a government job?

‘Home Guards’ is a voluntary force, first raised in India in December 1946, to assist the police in controlling civil disturbance and communal riots. Home Guards are raised under the Home Guards Act and Rules of the States/Union Territories.

What is the rarest WW2 medal?

Atlantic Star, World War II Medal This is in our opinion one of the Rarest of the World War II Stars. The Atlantic Star was instituted in May of 1945 to honour those who took place in the Battle of the Atlantic. It was mainly for those who were part of shipping convoys, a mission that many did not come back from.

Where can I get a home front badge?

A First World War King’s crown bronze cap badge for the Somerset County Volunteer Reg.. £65.00 WW1 Oxfordshire Veteran Reserve Home Front… A First World War Home Front brass lapel badge for the Oxfordshire Veteran Reserve. I.. £35.00 Home Guard (HG) WW2 Cloth Slip On Shoulder…

What kind of medals did the Germans wear in World War 2?

TENO (Technical Emergency Help) Honour Badge Germany. SS Charity Donation Pin Germany, SA. Sturmabteilung (SA) Kepi Eagle Germany. Red Cross Hat Badge Germany. Red Cross Nursing Badge by E.L.M. Germany. WW1 Red Cross Collar Badge Germany. Return of Memel Commemorative Medal w/Ribbon Germany. Italian Africa Campaign Medal Germany.

What kind of badge do you wear in World War 1?

A First World War brass cap badge for the Sussex Volunteer Training Corps (V.T.C.. Sussex Volunteer Training Corps (VTC/Susse…

What was the Red Cross badge in WW2?

Red Cross Hat Badge Germany. Red Cross Nursing Badge by E.L.M. Germany. WW1 Red Cross Collar Badge Germany. Return of Memel Commemorative Medal w/Ribbon