Did Jay and Aliona get together?

Lorraine: Jay McGuiness on why Aliona Vilani left Strictly The Wanted singer previously shut the speculation down, claiming they were “just friends” while Aliona is happily married.

What was Jay McGuiness first dance on Strictly?

Strictly Come Dancing

Week # Dance/Song Total
1 Cha-Cha-Cha / “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” 27
2 Waltz / “See the Day” 31
3 Jive / “Misirlou/You Never Can Tell” 37
4 Quickstep / “My Generation” 25

Who did Jay McGuiness dance with on Strictly?

Aliona Vilani
Jay took part in the BBC One dancing competition back in 2015. He was partnered with professional dancer Aliona Vilani, and after performing the Jive in Movies Week, it looked like his destiny as the winner of series 13 was set in stone.

What’s Jay McGuiness doing now?

Jay, who is currently rehearsing for the West End production of Sleepless: A Musical Romance, will play the character of Sam alongside former Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh. The TV star revealed he and Kimberley and the whole cast will be tested for coronavirus every day after their performances.

Was Jay McGuiness a girl group?

The WantedSince 2009
Jay McGuiness/Music groups

What is the best Strictly dance ever?

The 10 Greatest Strictly Come Dancing Dances

  • Tom & Camilla’s Showdance (Series 6)
  • Abbey & Aljaž’s Waltz (Series 11)
  • Jake & Janette’s Salsa (Series 12)
  • Louis & Flavia’s Showdance (Series 10)
  • Kara & Artem’s American Smooth (Series 9)
  • Mark & Karen’s Salsa (Series 4)
  • Jill & Darren’s Jive (Series 2)

Was Jay McGuiness in a girl band?

How old is McGuiness?

31 years (July 24, 1990)
Jay McGuiness/Age

Where did Aliona Vilani and Jay McGuiness live?

The 27-year-old opened up about his friendship with his former dance partner Aliona, who has since left the show to start a family in Florida. “We live in different countries so we’re as close as you can be with an ocean between you.

Who was Jay McGuiness dance partner on strictly?

Jay McGuiness on former dance partner Aliona Vilani and why he doesn’t believe in the Strictly curse | HELLO! HELLO! While Strictly Come Dancing has sparked the beginning – and end – of many relationships over the years, former winner Jay McGuiness says he doesn’t believe in the ‘ Strictly curse’.

What did Jay McGuiness do for World meat free week?

Jay was speaking to HELLO! as part of his work supporting the World Meat Free Week campaign, which encourages members of the public to swap one meal a week for a meat-free alternative.