Did Esteban really love Nancy?

Esteban and Nancy’s relationship became strained in season 5 due to her betrayal and his constant threats to murder her, but with Nancy being pregnant with his child, Esteban ultimately ended up proposing to her. It’s learned at the beginning of season 7 that Esteban was murdered in prison and his cartel disbanded.

What happened to Esteban on weeds?

Peter Scottson, her second husband, was murdered by a rival drug cartel; she and Peter did not have children. She married Esteban after giving birth to Stevie Ray, her third son; Esteban was murdered in prison.

Who killed Esteban?

Periodically, Esteban sent back information with Mexican Indian scouts, but he pushed on and reached the pueblo of Hawikku in western New Mexico, where he disappeared from history, ostensibly killed by the Zuni.

Why does Andy leave Nancy in weeds?

Eventually, her and Silas struck a deal with big tobacco to turn their pot-growing expertise into a corporate enterprise; Shane became a crooked cop; Doug found a tax loophole for religious exemptions and started his own cult; and Andy finally got some sense and left Nancy.

Who plays Stevie Weeds Season 8?

In season 8, Stevie lives with and reconnects with Nancy and they develop a real Mother-Son relationship….Steven Ray Botwin.

Steven Ray Bloom
Portrayed by Mateus Ward Ethan Kent Gavin Kent Wyatt Wolf Lincoln (Jake) Wolf (baby Stevie)

Is Nancy Botwin based on a real person?

The film, which features Snoop Dogg, shows how the character Nancy Botwin was inspired by Dr. Dina, who launched her consultancy in 2003, two years before the show debuted and at a time when she had direct contact with creative personnel on the show and when there were very few women in the business – especially in LA.

Who plays Esteban’s daughter on weeds?

Adelita Reyes (Seychelle Gabriel, guest character in season 5) is one of Esteban’s daughters. Like her two sisters, she was sent to Paris for prep school and speaks three languages. She returns home sometime after her half-brother’s birth. She shows modest hostility toward Nancy.