Your dream of having a work at home business is real and possible.

This is America. You are not alone. Wars have been fought and many have given their lives and limbs so we can be free and have a stay at home business.

It is that serious to others to take this important, personal home business, place in life away from us. It is good for them because they take our time. Not theirs. Are you realizing how important that is?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me have this opportunity you brave men and women who have made this possible. I hope you will thank them too.

Literally millions of people, around the world, want the same thing.

After all, with the employment scene being unpleasant and even unstable, at times, it just does not seem to make too much sense to stay at a job that you do not like.

You have one life to live. Why not live it a little better and happier?

Life is short, and unless you are in dire need of money, there is probably no justification working at a job that you absolutely abhor.

In the long run a bad job atmosphere will cost you more time and money.

Stay if you financially must but start working towards getting out of it today and right now. Let the journey begin.

For almost all of us, starting a work from home business seems to be an excellent idea.

Actually, it is, provided that we are willing to make a few sacrifices. They are big but beautiful.

Before you quit your job and start your own work from home business, it would be good if you stepped back and thought things over.

In other words, do not make any decisions unless, and until, they are heavily weighted in your favor. Think a little.

That is right. Turn off the television and radio and go over, in the quiet calm, of your mind exactly what you desire to do.

No writing down here just pure, calm, intense thought. This is very powerful.

One man I was reading about sat on problems for anyone for $25,000, for a few hours, and he had a lot of business.

Earn your personal $25,000 worth by thinking on all your problems and desires, per above at least once a week. You will be pleased with the results.

First, be clear and brutally honest about your motivations. What are the reasons that drive you to start your own work at home business?

Go over these one by one. Go over both those of a positive nature and those of a negative nature.

It might help if you actually wrote them all down on paper after you are all done with your private sessions.

On one side write PROS, and on the other side, write CONS. Draw a line in between the two columns, then proceed to list the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own venture.

The advantages that will accrue to you once you start working from home include: being your own boss, avoiding office politics, avoiding the daily commute, being able to spend more time with your family, tax advantages, etc.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, may include a more irregular income flow, personal isolation, and the like. Analyze this list before you make a decision.

Know that the beginning months will be the rockiest times.

Second, determine in your heart that you will be self disciplined. Operating a stay at home business requires a lot of self discipline. After all, in your own home, no one tells you what to do.

This means that what gets done is inextricably linked to what you actually get done! No way around it. There will be no one to pick up the slack and there will be no one else to blame.

You will only earn as much money as you actually earn, which may have not been the case when you held a regular job.

You will have to produce; otherwise you probably will not have enough to live on.

Draw up a working schedule and stick with it religiously, no matter what may try to distract you.

Lastly, enter a field that you are interested in or are good at. You will most likely succeed in an area that you have a natural talent in and or inclination for.

Take moments to realistically consider what hobbies or skills you have that you can possibly transform into moneymaking ventures.

By Commercializing these hobbies and skills you will make your perfect first work at home business for yourself.