Can you sort columns in a pivot table?

Sort row or column label data in a PivotTable In the PivotTable, click any field in the column that contains the items that you want to sort. On the Data tab, click Sort, and then click the sort order that you want. Note: You can also quickly sort data in ascending or descending order by clicking A to Z or Z to A.

Why can’t I sort a column in a pivot table?

Refresh the pivot table. If the field which has items from a custom list is set for Automatic sort, it should change to the custom list’s sort order. If the field is currently set for manual sorting, it won’t sort according to the custom list order.

How do I fix the column names in a pivot table?

Fix the Field Name Problem

  1. In the Create PivotTable dialog box, check the Table/Range selection to make sure you haven’t selected blank columns beside the data table.
  2. Check for hidden columns in the source data range, and add headings if they’re missing.

How do I change the order of my PivotTable?

Change the order of row or column items In the PivotTable, right-click the row or column label or the item in a label, point to Move, and then use one of the commands on the Move menu to move the item to another location.

How do I sort two columns in a PivotTable?

To do this:

  1. On the power pivot window click PivotTable. Check New worksheet and click OK.
  2. Go back to the power pivot window. Select cells 1:11 having the item names and go to Home > Sort by Column.
  3. Set “Items” as the sort column and “Rank” as the By column.
  4. Click Ok.

Why is pivot table not valid?

The pivot table error, “field name is not valid”, usually appears because one or more of the heading cells in the source data is blank. To create a pivot table, you need a heading for each column. If there are any merged cells in the heading row, unmerge them, and add a heading in each separate cell.

What is field name in pivot table?

Notice that every field in your pivot table has a name. The fields in the row, column, and filter areas inherit their names from the data labels in your source table. The fields in the values area are given a name, such as Sum of Sales Amount.

How do I change the month order in a PivotTable?

Step 2 – Add the Months to Custom Sorting Options

  1. Now go to File -> Excel Options.
  2. In Excel Options -> Advanced -> Scroll right at the bottom -> Edit Custom Lists.
  3. Add the cell references of the months -> Import -> Add.
  4. Then click on Done.

How do I sort multiple columns in a PivotTable?

Can you rename row labels in pivot table?

Rename Row Labels name 1. Click at the PivotTable, then click Analyze tab and go to the Active Field textbox. 2. You can change other Row Labels name by clicking the relative fields in the PivotTable, then rename it in the Active Field textbox.

How do you rearrange legends in pivot chart?

Under Chart Tools, on the Design tab, in the Data group, click Select Data. In the Select Data Source dialog box, in the Legend Entries (Series) box, click the data series that you want to change the order of. Click the Move Up or Move Down arrows to move the data series to the position that you want.

How to re-order columns in pivot table?

are each of your columns a separate measure? if so, you can reorder them by using the field list values pane, by placing the measures in the new order you need. This will automatically reorder the pivot table columns to align with the order you have given them in the field list.

How do you add a custom column to a pivot table?

Click Calculated Field on the drop-down menu. It will open a new window where you can add a new, custom column to your Pivot Table. Enter a name for your column in the “Name” field . Click the Name field, and type in the name you want to use for your new column.

How do you insert a blank column in a pivot table?

STEP 1: Click in the Pivot Table and go to Pivot Table Tools > Design > Blank Rows. STEP 2: You will need to click on the Blank Rows button and select Insert Blank Line After Each Item.

How do you sort pivot table by values?

In a pivot table, you usually sort the data by the values in a column, such as the Grand Total column. By sorting, you can highlight the highest or lowest values, by moving them to the top of the pivot table. Right-click on a value cell, and click Sort.