Can you make a drop down menu in Word?

In your document, place your insertion point where you want to add the drop-down list. Next, select the “Developer” menu. On the “Developer” menu, in the “Controls” group, click the “Drop-Down List Content Control” icon (It looks like an actual drop-down icon.). You now have a drop-down list in your document.

How do you pull down a table in Word?

Right-click the table and select Table Properties. In the Table tab, under Text Wrapping, click Around. Click the Positioning button. Under Horizontal, click the drop-down arrow in the Position box and select Center.

How do I create a collapsible section in Word?

Collapse or expand parts of a document

  1. Place your cursor in the heading.
  2. On the Home tab, click the arrow in the Paragraph group.
  3. In the Paragraph dialog box, click the checkbox next to Collapsed by default.
  4. Click OK.

How do I create a drop down list in Word 2020?

Insert a combo box or a drop-down list

  1. Go to Developer > Combo Box Content Control or Drop-Down List Content Control .
  2. Select the content control, and then select Properties.
  3. To create a list of choices, select Add under Drop-Down List Properties.
  4. Type a choice in Display Name, such as Yes, No, or Maybe.

How do I get rid of the drop down arrow in Word?

How do I get rid of the drop down arrow in Word? Place the cursor on a toolbar. Right-click the mouse, select customize. Go to the Options tab, select the box for “Always show full menus, ” and press the “Close” button.

How do I edit a drop down list in Word 2020?

How do I edit a drop down menu in Word?

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Double-click This PC. (In Word 2013, double-click Computer).
  3. Browse to the Custom Office Templates folder that’s under My Documents.
  4. Click your template, and click Open.
  5. Make the changes you want, then save and close the template.

How do I remove the collapse arrow in Word?

That “arrow” appears because the style for that text is set to either Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. Clicking the arrow allows you to expand or collapse texts under that heading. To remove it, you must change the style to Normal or another style that is not for headings.

How do I create a drop down list in Word 365?

Insert a drop down list in Word

  1. Click File > Options.
  2. In the opening Word Options dialog box, please (1) click Customize Ribbon in left bar, (2) check Developer in the right box, and (3) click the OK button.
  3. Now the Developer tab is added in the Word Ribbon.
  4. Now a new drop down list is inserted in current document.

How do I remove all markups in Word?

In the menu at the top of the Word document, click the Review tab. Go to the “Comment” section of the Review tab. Click on the arrow under Delete and select Delete All Comments in Document.

How to create a drop down menu in Word document-javatpoint?

Step 1: Open the new Word document or existing Word document where you want to create a drop-down menu. Step 2: Go to the File tab at the top left corner of the document. A list of file options will appear on the screen. Step 3: A Word options dialog box will appear, click on the Customize Ribbon

What do you call a drop down menu in word?

Drop-down menu is also called as a drop-down list, pull-down menu, pull-down list, or drop-down box. It is used to show a list of options that allows you to select one option from the list based on your requirement. There are the following two methods to create a drop-down menu in Word document -.

How to create a drop down list in word?

Give a title to the drop down box. Click the “Add” button further down the window and use this to enter an option for the drop down list. Click “OK” and repeat this procedure to add more options to the list, here we are just adding two more options.