Can you do an ionic foot bath at home?

Ionic Foot Bath Soak your feet in warm water to open the pores. Add 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda to the water. Dissolve all ingredients in boiling water and, when the water cools to a comfortable level, soak your feet for 30 minutes.

How much does an ionic foot bath session cost?

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox Cost
1 30-Minute Single Session $25
3-Session Package $70
5-Session Package $110
10-Session Package $200

How often should you do an ionic foot bath?

How Often Should I Do an Ionic Foot Bath? Generally speaking, most people can obtain the highest benefits from enjoying an IonCleanse session 2-3 times per week, but this number depends on one’s condition and the goals of the patient. Sessions typically last 30 minutes for adults and 15-20 minutes for children.

What are the benefits of an ionic foot bath?

The primary benefit of an ionic detox footbath is that it enhances the body’s own natural detoxification abilities. This allows the body to remove heavy metals and other toxic elements from the body more efficiently. Assisting the body’s natural detoxification process results in: A stronger immune system.

How much does Foot Detox cost?

It’s called a foot detox and spas charge up to $85 for this seemingly miraculous treatment that supposedly draws toxins into a tub of water that changes color based on the organs being detoxed.

How much is a foot detox session?

*Ionic Foot Detox 30-minute session for $25. BUY 4 GET ONE FREE! One session is $25; 5 for $100.

What is ion foot detox?

Ionic Foot bath is a foot soak that uses water charged with positive and negative ions – electrolytes – which helps draw toxins from your body out through your feet through a process of exchange between the positive and negative ions in your body, and their opposite numbers in the water.

How often do you foot detox?

The manufacturers advise people to do a foot detox for 30 to 60 minutes each week. It is possible that the water in the bath will change color during the detox, which some people believe means that the detox is taking place.

Can toxins come out of your feet?

Toxins did not leave the body through the feet, and the system did not stimulate detoxification through the liver, kidneys, or hair either.

How to order Ion detox foot bath machine?

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Is there a warranty on the Ionic foot cleanse machine?

Free Extra Array. 2 Arrays total. Also comes with a 1/4 lb. bag of Celtic Sea Salt to increase the conductivity of the water if needed, 20 Basin Liners, our Informational Foot Detox Brochure and 16 page booklet to teach you all about detox foot baths. 1 year warranty. Free phone tech support when you need it.

Are there any ionic machines available on eBay?

There are several different types of ionic machines available on eBay. Many of them consist of a small tub to soak your feet in, an instruction manual, a power cord, and the ion-producing equipment. The tubs come in various colors.

Why do you need salt in a foot detox machine?

Instructions for many types of these foot spas require you to add salt to the water. Sometimes, the particular type of salt needed is included with the machine. Salt is made out of sodium (positive) and chlorine (negative) ions, which can separate while in water. These oppositely charged ions help improve the flow of electricity through the water.