Can BV give you diarrhea?

Common symptoms include diarrhoea, fever and abdominal pain but symptoms can be more severe and result in fatality. Clindamycin treatment should be discontinued if diarrhoea is experienced. Recommended treatment regimes can be viewed in the table (below).

Does doxycycline treat BV?

Antibiotics that may be used in the management of bacterial vaginosis include ceftriaxone (Rocephin), erythromycin, metronidazole (Flagyl), clindamycin (Cleocin), cefixime (Suprax), doxycycline (Doryx), and azithromycin (Zithromax).

Can BV cause stomach and back pain?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) It can cause abdominal pain and an increase in vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell. During pregnancy, up to 30 percent of women will experience BV.

Is it bad to have BV for 2 months?

Recurring bacterial vaginosis It’s common for BV to come back, usually within 3 months. You’ll need to take treatment for longer (up to 6 months) if you keep getting BV (you get it more than twice in 6 months). A GP or sexual health clinic will recommend how long you need to treat it.

Is 5 days of Flagyl enough for BV?

The usual dose is 400-500 mg twice a day for 5-7 days. A single dose of 2 grams of metronidazole is an alternative, although this may be less effective and may cause more side-effects.

Can amoxicillin treat BV?

Amoxicillin may help to a certain extent, but is not totally useful for treatment of bacterial vaginitis which occurs due to an increase in the number of several types of anaerobic bacteria that are normally present in the vagina. Metronidazole seems to be the most effective treatment for anaerobic bacteria.

How long does it take for BV to turn into PID?

After exposure to the bacteria, it can take a few days to a few weeks for a woman to develop PID. In the United States, one fourth of women who have PID are hospitalized. Some of these women may need surgery.

What are the symptoms of BPPV at Johns Hopkins?

BPPV symptoms include episodic vertigo when your head is tilted up, or when you are turning over in bed or maneuvering out of bed. Johns Hopkins neurologists have treated many people with BPPV, and use techniques that can help relieve symptoms during an in-office appointment.

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What are the symptoms of vertigo at Johns Hopkins?

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