Are there any plants called Simon?

Geranium nodosum ‘Simon’

Do hardy geraniums spread?

Keep the plant religiously deadheaded. This sprawling plant spreads a few feet wide, but pruning and dividing keeps it in bounds. The small, cupped-shaped flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. Grow hardy geranium plants throughout New England.

Which is the hardiest geranium?

The Best Hardy Geraniums for your Garden

  • Geranium ‘Brookside’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Elke’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Mavis Simpson’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Orion’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Patricia’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Rozanne’ (Cranesbill)
  • Geranium ‘Sweet Heidy’ (Cranesbill)

Is hardy geranium invasive?

Although a native plant in our area, wild geranium is easily cultivated and can be grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Plants flower more prolifically the more sun they receive. This species will naturalize under optimum growing situations but is never invasive.

Is there a rose called Simon?

a.k.a. Simi. A wonderful new shrub rose named after our beautiful daughter. It bears large full, cupped blooms of dusky pink both singly and in clusters.

Is there a rose named Simon?

‘Simon Fraser’ is an upright, low-growing shurb rose producing clusters of cupped, single to semi-double, mid-pink flowers with semi-glossy, dark green leaves.

Are hardy geraniums poisonous to dogs?

Geranium: (Pelargonium spp) All parts of geraniums are poisonous to both dogs and cats.

Should hardy geraniums be cut back?

Most hardy geraniums need to be trimmed to keep them from overtaking other plants and to encourage new growth. Once the plant has finished blooming or you notice old growth, trim it back to within a few inches of ground level, or about an inch above the main stem.

Do hardy geraniums bloom all summer?

Best Hardy Geraniums. Some hardy geraniums enjoy remarkably long flowering seasons, extending from late spring to late fall (if cut back hard after the first flush of blooms starts to fade in early summer). The best varieties will flower continuously all summer long giving your garden cheerful color.

Do geraniums come back next year?

True hardy geraniums are perennials that come back each year, while pelargoniums die in the winter and are frequently treated like annuals, re-planted each year.

Do hardy geraniums like sun or shade?

Hardy geranium (Geranium sanguineum) Hardy Geraniums form low mounds and bloom from spring through fall in white, red, purple, pink, or blue. They will thrive in part shade, and some cultivars do perfectly in full shade. Another bonus is that hardy geraniums tolerate dry soil—a common problem when planting under trees.

Do deer like wild geraniums?

Geraniums are not a deer’s flower of choice, but they will eat them under a number of circumstances. The strong fragrance and slightly fuzzy texture will typically deter deer, but not always.

What kind of flowers do Geranium nodosum have?

A very attractive, dry shade tolerant plant which will flower all summer and autumn. The trumpet shaped lilac-pink flowers are held clear of glossy semi-evergreen foliage. This cranesbill seeds about quite happily once established and is now considered a naturalised native.

Which is the best type of geranium to plant?

Geranium nodosum‘Clos du Coudray’ is a particularly attractive variety, bearing small violet flowers with reddish veining, above dark glossy leaves. It’s more tolerant of sun than some cultivars.

How big of a pot do I need for Geranium?

This cranesbill seeds about quite happily once established and is now considered a naturalised native. This simply has to be the best shade-loving geranium, quickly making ground cover, even in drought conditions. Utterly reliable. Pot size 9cm.